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New Jersey Drug Courts offer an alternative to traditional court processes

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Drug Crimes

If you are accused of committing a drug crime, then you may be concerned about how your case is going to be handled. One of the benefits of being in New Jersey is that there are drug courts that specialize in handling drug-related cases.

The drug court program is intended to help those who have drug or alcohol dependencies alongside criminal charges resolve those issues, so that they can go back to being a productive part of the community. The program is only for non-violent offenses.

What makes drug court different from a traditional court process?

The primary difference is that the goal is to rehabilitate the person who has committed a drug-related crime. They may go through a standardized assessment for eligibility before working with staff members trained in substance abuse and recovery issues, so that they can begin to overcome problems related to a substance use disorder.

There is also a system in place that offers graduated incentives and sanctions. That way, there are specific goals and ways to hold individuals accountable throughout the program if they are or are not compliant.

Who is eligible to participate in drug court?

Only non-violent offenses are qualified to go through the drug court. Additionally, the offenses must have been committed by someone who has a moderate or severe substance use disorder. The individual needs to be clinically eligible for this program, so a substance abuse evaluator and prosecutor will work together to determine if they are. Your attorney can also help you understand if you are likely to qualify for this alternative program.

Do people in drug court get addiction treatment?

Yes. As a part of the drug court requirements, all participants must complete treatment. This includes going through detox, residential treatment or outpatient treatment depending on the participant’s clinical needs.

Drug court programs are an alternative to the traditional court system and may be beneficial to you if you are dealing with a substance use disorder. Your attorney will help you fight any charges you face while keeping this alternative in mind if a conviction is likely or substance abuse treatment would be beneficial.