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Discovering financial details early on may help during divorce

Research shows that over 40% of marital unions throughout the United States, including in New Jersey, come to an end. Before people go through divorce, it is paramount that they have a good grasp of where they stand financially. Here are some important financial details for them to discover ahead of a divorce proceeding.

For starters, individuals who are thinking about getting divorced may benefit from determining how much they own as well as how much money they owe. Two spouses, for example, may share ownership of their family home. However, they may have purchased certain assets with their own separate funds before their marriage.

Challenging evidence often plays a role in a successful defense

Defending against criminal charges requires careful consideration and planning. Different scenarios will call for different strategies. One of the most common defense strategies involves challenging the evidence used by the prosecution to build a case against a criminal defendant.

When the state has a lot of evidence against you, you may feel like it's impossible to prove your innocence. However, there could be issues with the evidence that can help you keep it out of court. There are several ways in which you can push back against the evidence a prosecutor uses against you in a criminal trial. The specifics of your case affect which strategy is best for your situation.

Divorce filings skyrocket in January

With the start of the new year in New Jersey, there may be more divorces in the next few weeks compared to the rest of the year. Research indicates that January is an extremely popular time for divorces to happen. Here is a glimpse at why so many couples decide to get a divorce in the month of January.

For starters, when people enter a new year, they are often ready for a new start on a relationship level. As a result, they may finally move forward with divorce so that they can enjoy living independently or pursue a relationship with someone else. The good news is that, if both spouses are okay with the idea of getting divorced, their divorce process may move relatively quickly. Meanwhile, if one spouse resists this move, this may drag out the divorce proceeding.

Divorce filings expected to increase after the first of the year

There are many reasons why a couple may choose to end their marriage, and some of these reasons come to light or are more apparent during the holiday season. As a result, many couples opt to file for divorce just after the New Year. People often refer to January as "Divorce Month" due to the significant uptick in filings after the Christmas season is over.

It's typically not just the holiday season that causes a couple to decide to divorce, however, the stress of this time of year can certainly add pressure to an already troubled marriage. Parents who are planning to divorce may decide to wait until after the holidays are over to provide their kids with one last festive season together. Others may realize that they do not want to go through this time of year with their partner again. There are many personal and unique factors that affect a New Jersey couple's decision to divorce.

Restarting retirement planning post divorce is critical

Getting divorced can unfortunately throw a wrench in a person's finances. As a result, the individual's retirement planning process may have to undergo a drastic change. Here is a rundown on how to restart retirement planning following divorce in New Jersey.

First, it is important for a divorcing spouse to take a detailed look at his or her expenses and income with the goal of optimizing what he or she can save long term. This involves identifying what are truly needs versus wants. Then, the individual can adjust his or her lifestyle to this perspective. With a solid plan, the divorcing individual can still achieve the type of retirement that he or she desires.

Tips may help with sharing divorce news with children

Just as dissolving a marriage in New Jersey is not an easy process for two adults, it can be quite difficult for their children to grasp as well. In some cases, children erroneously believe that they caused their parents' divorce, so they feel guilty. In other cases, they grow to resent one of the parents or even both parties as a result of the divorce. Here are some tips for sharing divorce news with children in the easiest manner possible.

For starters, the two divorcing parents may want to work together to share the news about their divorce with their children. As an example, they can use family dinner time to break this news. Bringing up this topic in a group setting is wise because it will allow all parties to publicize how they feel about it and promote an open dialogue. In addition, the two parents can demonstrate to their children that they will strive to continue to act in a civil way as they proceed with the divorce.

Divorce counseling may benefit spouses who are splitting up

If two people in New Jersey have decided to get divorced, they may wish to go through counseling during this process. The reason for this is that divorce counseling is designed to help them to ease their divorce-related pain. Here is a look at what couples can expect during divorce counseling.

During divorce counseling, divorcing spouses will have the opportunity to discuss how they feel about ending their marriages. The two parties may end up bringing up issues that the other party does not necessarily want to revisit. In addition, perhaps one person wants divorce and the other person is not ready to divorce. The counselor can help them to navigate such complex issues.

Is it possible to get released from jail without paying bail?

When people get arrested in New Jersey, law enforcement officers need to convince prosecutors that they can bring charges against the individuals under arrest or release them. When the state does bring charges, they typically do so at a formal hearing. Individuals will then be able to request bail, which is the payment of a certain amount of money to secure their release until the charges go through court.

Sadly, it is often the case that those from low-income families facing even minor charges wind up stuck in jail until their day in court because they simply cannot afford to get out of jail. New Jersey lawmakers saw how the laws regarding bail and release pending trial had a disproportionate impact on low-income and minority households and were leading to too many people in jails. This led them to reform the policies on bail in 2017.

21 indicted individuals likely need strong criminal defense

Twenty individuals in New Jersey were recently indicted for reportedly playing a part in two drug rings in the state. These 20 individuals are among a total of 31 individuals who were arrested back in September. A strong criminal defense will likely be needed to combat these serious charges.

A total of 16 of the 20 recently indicted individuals are accused of conspiring to distribute as well as possess several kilograms of the drug cocaine. In addition, 15 of them are accused of conspiring to distribute as well as possess nearly 300 grams of crack cocaine. Charges have yet to be filed against the 11 other people arrested in September.

Accountant, financial analyst may help during divorce

Going through the marital dissolution process is not easy from a financial standpoint. Having a large number of assets or high-value assets only compounds this. As a result, people in New Jersey who have complex assets might want to include their accountants and financial analysts early on in their divorce processes.

Accountants can play a major role in helping divorcing individuals to sort out their previous tax situations along with their current situations. Likewise, accountants can give them updates on the holdings in their portfolios. Professionals like accountants and financial advisors may also help with valuing various other assets that must be divided during the divorce process.

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