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Man at airport charged with gun crimes

A man in New Jersey was recently accused of committing weapons crimes at an airport. Specifically, he is said to have tried to bring two guns onto a plane. He now faces charges of gun crimes, although he is still presumed innocent until and unless his charges can be proved in a court of law.

Authorities said when they looked in the man's carry-on luggage at a security checkpoint on a Wednesday, they discovered a loaded revolver with six bullets in it. They also reportedly found a semiautomatic handgun with 12 bullets. Both guns had bullets in their chambers.

Social Security benefits impacted by divorce

According to the United States government, most United States workers are eligible for Social Security benefits. However, many individuals in New Jersey who have undergone divorce are not aware of how their marital breakups impact their collection of Social Security benefits in the future. Here is a look at some important Social Security benefit considerations following divorce.

First, it is possible for a woman who divorced her husband after a decade of marriage to collect benefits on his record. This can be done even if the ex-husband ended up remarrying. Still, the woman must be unmarried at the time she is trying to collect the retirement benefits. In addition, she must be 62 years or older, and her benefit amount must be lower than what she would receive by using her ex-husband's record.

Plea bargains often benefit the state more than the defendant

In many ways, the modern court system attempts to force people into accepting plea bargains. It is common for prosecutors to charge people with severe crimes in the hope of pushing them toward accepting a plea for a more realistic and reasonable offense. Countless innocent people may plead guilty as a result of fear of terrible consequences.

Court takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. Individuals worried about the expense of retaining a private defense attorney and missing work for court may think that agreeing to a plea bargain is their best option. Popular media certainly helps to reinforce this concept. Police and legal dramas often show individuals receiving surprisingly lenient sentences if they agree to a plea bargain.

3 New Jersey men facing drug crimes, needing criminal defense

A recent police search of a home in Atlantic City, New Jersey, uncovered a cache of illegal drugs. Now, three men who were residents of the house stand accused of a number of drug crimes. As these charges carry serious penalties upon conviction, each man is likely determining his options for an effective criminal defense.

The police search occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, March 28, at a home on Magellan Avenue. Authorities allegedly discovered a stash of illegal drugs, including 364 baggies containing heroin, marijuana in the amount of 136 grams, an ounce of what authorities believe is cocaine and cash totaling $1,800. The report did not specify why authorities conducted their search of the home in the first place.

Divorce less common in New Jersey than other states

Based on recent research, close to 50% of marriages throughout the United States end up not lasting. However, divorce is more prevalent in certain states, whereas it is less common in states like New Jersey. Here is a glimpse at why divorce is less common in certain areas and more common in others.

For starters, some states feature more stressful situations than others do. For instance, in some areas, more people face issues with money or employment, and these problems, coupled with family drama, can quickly take a toll on a marriage. College debt is an especially major financial problem these days, so it may come as no surprise that states with more of this debt tend to also experience more divorce.

Financial wellness is possible following divorce

Finances remain a central area of concern in every New Jersey divorce. This is because two parties who are going through divorce must identify and then split their marital property. They must also allocate their debt, which can make the process even more stressful. However, a few tips may help those facing these issues to maintain financial wellness going forward.

First, it may be beneficial for divorcing individuals to define their post-breakup goals. For instance, they may want to make career changes, which should ideally be done thoughtfully instead of urgently. It might behoove them to speak with financial advisors to figure out how they want their financial lives to look in the future and how they can get there.

Man charged with drug, gun crimes in New Jersey

A 20-year-old man in New Jersey has been accused of committing crimes involving drugs and weapons. He now faces a number of criminal charges. However, anyone accused of committing drug and gun crimes in the state is presumed innocent until and unless the government can prove guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.

Police said they found the 20-year-old man with a 21-year-old woman in a car in a parking lot one day. The two were reportedly engaging in a sales transaction involving illegal drugs. When authorities approached the car, the man reportedly tried to reach behind his seat and in the vehicle's center console. Police then attempted to remove him from the car, although he allegedly fought back and injured one of the officers as a result.

Cryptocurrency can spark conflict during divorce

During the dissolution of a marriage in New Jersey, a couple may not agree on how to divide their money. One type of currency that may particularly spark debate in a divorce proceeding is cryptocurrency, like bitcoin. The reason for this is that bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrency have grown in popularity in recent years.

Cryptocurrency made its debut about one decade ago but did not become mainstream until 2017. That is when a single bitcoin began to cost $20,000. Around 5 percent of individuals across the United States owned cryptocurrency in 2018. Still, another 21 percent of people who responded to a survey said they wanted to buy this form of currency.

Divorce may stem from poor counseling, differing belief systems

Researchers indicate that marital dissolution is not happening as frequently today as it has during the past few decades. However, divorce remains an unavoidable reality for many couples in New Jersey and elsewhere. Survey responses indicate that two factors that are contributing to some divorce situations are insufficient premarital education and belief system differences.

Many couples go through premarital education with the hopes of avoiding divorce down the road. However, survey respondents recently asserted that counseling before marriage might not always be adequate. Premarital counseling sessions may offer tips for resolving conflict and communicating effectively in a marriage. However, the survey respondents said that these sessions do not lay out the marital phases that couples must endure over time.

Gray divorce can happen for several reasons

The number of individuals who are getting divorced at older ages is on the rise throughout the United States, including in New Jersey. This is occurring even though the marital dissolution rate has dropped over the past couple of decades. Here is a glimpse at some of the most common reasons for divorce that occurs later in life, or gray divorce.

First, some people divorce in their 50s or later because they cannot see eye to eye about their finances, or they may be having a hard time handling debt. Sometimes, the problem is that one of the parties is the household's only breadwinner, so this person tries to control the money to the displeasure of the other spouse. In other situations, divorce may happen due to spouses mismanaging funds or overspending.

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