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Finances can be challenging to stay on top of during divorce

Even in the best of circumstances, ending a marriage can be challenging. The reason for this is that those going through divorce must handle the emotional part of divorce along with the finances and logistics of marital dissolution. Here is a look at how divorcing individuals can keep the money part, in particular, under control in New Jersey.

First, it would behoove individuals who are going through divorce to gather their monetary records as soon as possible. These records range from tax returns to bank statements, loan documents, statements for credit cards, insurance policies and property records. These documents will give a divorcing party a clear understanding of what assets have to be split as part of the divorce process.

Are previous New Jersey drug charges keeping you out of work?

Your battle with addiction may negatively affect many different parts of your life. From the toll it can take on personal relationships to the impact an arrest and conviction have on job prospects, addiction can haunt you for many years.

Those who have faced criminal charges related to their addiction may have had the opportunity to go through the New Jersey drug courts instead of the standard criminal justice system. The drug courts can benefit those accused of drug-related offenses by allowing them to seek treatment instead of winding up incarcerated because of an addiction. This reduces strain on the prison system and focuses on rehabilitation for non-violent drug offenders instead of just punishment.

Unmet expectations may spark divorce

According to research, nearly 50% of divorces are the result of unmet expectations for one or both spouses. The reality, though, is that people in New Jersey and elsewhere often have unrealistic expectations regarding marriage. Here is a rundown on the origins of marital expectations, as well as some of the most common unrealistic expectations associated with divorce.

Marital expectations usually stem from a person's general understanding, hopes and personal experiences. In some cases, people base their expectations on facts. However, in other situations, many people develop their expectations based on a poor understanding of how marriage works, fallacious societal norms or poor decision-making.

Strong criminal defense may help 2 facing drug charges

Two individuals in New Jersey -- a man and his wife, an educator board vice president -- were recently accused of committing a drug crime. Specifically, authorities said that the pair attempted to purchase cannabis from a neighboring country. A strong criminal defense is needed to defend their criminal charges in the Garden State.

Police said that they busted the man, 46, when he was trying to obtain a package of cannabis products. His wife reportedly purchased the THC products online. They now face charges of marijuana possession as well as conspiring to possess the drug, which are fourth-degree charges.

Child custody and co-parenting do not have to cause conflict

One of the most challenging aspects of getting divorced when children are involved may be dealing with the other parent. In some cases, a future co-parent can be relatively easy to get along with, but in many other cases involving child custody, the opposite is true. However, a few tips may help divorcing parents in New Jersey to make the most of their interactions with their future exes.

For starters, it is possible to rear happy children even if one minimizes contact with the other parent. This is because the two parents do not necessarily have to talk often to make co-parenting work. Rather, it is imperative that they set clear boundaries and that they promote open dialogue when they do have something to discuss. Being flexible in the relationship while also using consistent parenting styles and rules in both parents' homes is also helpful.

Child custody is multifaceted in New Jersey

The divorce process in New Jersey can be tough for spouses at any stage of life, but it can be especially challenging for you if you are a parent to young children. For many divorcing parents, the thought of not having the luxury of seeing their children whenever they wish may be difficult. However, the good news is that the creation of a child custody agreement does not signal the end of your relationship with your child following divorce.

In your child custody agreement, you and your soon-to-be ex can determine whether you will have joint custody of the children or sole custody of them. Joint physical custody is where your children split time between your home and your future ex's home. Meanwhile, joint legal custody is where you both can make decisions regarding your children's upbringing and welfare.  The vast majority of child custody agreements include joint custody.

3 accused of gun crimes, face murder-related charges

Three people were recently taken into custody in connection with a fatal shooting in New Jersey. The alleged shooting took place at a laundromat on a Monday afternoon. Still, these three individuals, like anyone else accused of gun crimes in the Garden State, are presumed innocent until and unless their guilt can be proven in court beyond a reasonable doubt.

Police said they arrived at the laundromat at about noon and discovered a 21-year-old man in the business's back area. According to police, he had several gun shot wounds and ended up dying later. A boy, 16, had also suffered gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital.

Probation violations put you on the wrong side of the law

Violating probation is a serious offense. If you violate probation, you could end up back in court in front of a judge who may determine if you need to serve another jail term or pay steep fines for your actions.

Probation violations happen when you break the terms and conditions of your probationary sentence. The kind of punishment that you'll face depends on the seriousness of the offense. For example, missing a curfew by a half-hour is significantly less serious than drunk driving when on probation for alcohol-related crimes.

Need for criminal defense support often increases in summer

Autumn has begun and many New Jersey residents are happily recalling the fun they had this past summer. Others, however, may have had the best intentions but wound up facing legal problems that prompted a need for strong criminal defense support instead. Any number of things can go wrong during summer vacation that lead to court hearings and worries about possible convictions.

While not everyone charged with a crime in New Jersey will be convicted, those who secure experienced legal support before heading to court will have the greatest chance of obtaining a positive outcome. If your summer vacation led to legal trouble, you'll want to make sure you clearly understand your rights and how to protect them. An experienced attorney can guide you through the criminal justice system.

Temper flares can lead to gun crimes

Games are usually played in good fun. They represent an opportunity for friends to get together and enjoy spending time in each other's company in New Jersey. When games are played, there are winners and losers. On occasion, a person who loses may not take it well, and tempers can flare; unfortunately, this can occasionally result in the commission of gun crimes.

A group of five friends had gotten together one summer evening to enjoy a dice game. One of them was about to head off on the beginning of a new career as a chef with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. An apparent argument broke out as the night progressed. Angry words were spoken, and shots were fired.

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