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Criminal defense would be impacted by legalizing marijuana

New Jersey is currently considering legalizing weed. In light of this, the state must also decide what it should do about those facing marijuana-related charges. Many lawmakers support the expungement of such low-level convictions. However, the process of achieving this -- which will affect the government, the criminal defense world and people who have been charged with marijuana-related crimes -- could pose major problems for the state.

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation data, the state of New Jersey takes into custody more individuals for marijuana possession and use than nearly any other state. In addition, the number of people being arrested for committing marijuana-related crimes is increasing faster than it is in other states. Between 2015 and 2016, arrests for marijuana crimes increased almost 27 percent, going from more than 28,000 arrests to 35,000 arrests.

More women covering child support, alimony following divorce

An increasing number of women in New Jersey are earning college degrees and making money in the workplace today than in years past. As a result, more of them are also having to pay up when it comes to alimony and child support following divorce proceedings. In fact, a recent survey revealed that more than half of attorneys had seen a spike in the number of mothers making child support payments.

Decades ago, men were traditionally the ones who paid alimony and child support. Meanwhile, women were the ones who earned less income or decided to stay at home with the children, which meant they would get alimony following divorce proceedings. However, today, the script has flipped, with more women occupying higher-paying job positions than ever before.

Baby boomers embrace divorce for a variety of reasons

Marital breakups in New Jersey can easily happen when two people do not see eye to eye on how their relationship should go. This can happen just as easily for two 50-year-old individuals as it can for two 20-year-old individuals. Here is a look at a few reasons why baby boomers in particular have chosen to embrace divorce.

Men during a recent interview asserted that one issue that drove them to pursue divorce was resentment regarding the method used to rear the children. For instance, two spouses may have totally different philosophies concerning how their children should be disciplined. These differences may lead to arguments that ultimately result in divorce, even after the children have left their parents' home.

Rapper faces charges for gun crimes

A rapper in New Jersey was recently accused of committing a gun crime. He was also found to have reportedly possessed drugs illegally. However, those accused of drug and/or gun crimes in the Garden State have the right to defend themselves aggressively in court.

In the case of the rapper, named Juelz Santana, authorities said he was at an airport back in March when security found a handgun in his carry-on bag. At the time, the .38-caliber gun was reportedly loaded. Authorities said they also found oxycodone pills in his bag, although these pills had not been prescribed.

Particular risk factors increase a couple's chances of divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can happen for a variety of reasons in New Jersey. However, researchers say that certain risk factors increase a couple's chances of experiencing divorce. Here is a glimpse at a couple of these risk factors.

First, a couple has a high likelihood of getting divorced if the wife makes less money initially but then receives a promotion after walking down the aisle. This is according to a white paper that researchers wrote this year. The researchers discovered that the same was not true for men who earned promotions after becoming married, however.

Man may benefit from criminal defense following drug arrest

A man in New Jersey was recently arrested for committing a drug crime. Following his arrest, a strong criminal defense will likely be necessary to protect his rights and best interests in the criminal justice system. However, the arrested man -- like everyone else who is taken into custody in New Jersey -- is presumed innocent until and unless his guilt can be proven in a court of law.

Police said that at around 9:53 p.m. on a Thursday, they stopped the driver of a car on a boulevard for failing to maintain the car's lights. During the traffic stop, police said they detected the smell of burned marijuana emanating from the car. Both the passenger and the driver reportedly told police they had smoked marijuana in the car the previous day.

2 men face charges involving drug and gun crimes in New Jersey

Two men in New Jersey were recently accused of committing criminal acts involving weapons and drugs following a shooting. Specifically, they have been indicted on charges of drug and gun crimes as well as aggravated assault. The two individuals facing criminal charges are ages 19 and 23.

According to police, the shooting took place at an apartment. Authorities reportedly seized marijuana, heroin and crack cocaine from the apartment, where a 20-year-old man was shot. They also allegedly found packaging materials for drugs as well as a bag featuring 10 live ammunition rounds.

Why does the summer lead to an increase in arrests?

You have probably heard people talk about crime rates jumping in the summer months. Maybe you thought it was a myth or an urban legend. Maybe you assumed that person was basing the observation off of one personal event, not national statistics.

But was that person right? Does crime actually increase during the summer months?

New Jersey man may want a strong criminal defense for drug charge

One man was recently arrested following a traffic stop that led to drug charges and a hospital visit. He was allegedly found to be in possession of heroin during and after his arrest. A strong criminal defense may be helpful to the man, who now faces drug-related fraud and traffic charges in New Jersey.

His problems allegedly began when he was observed speeding on a local road by a police officer. He sped by the cop and then attempted to switch seats after the vehicle stopped. It was reported that the man initially gave a fake name; the 24-year-old was later booked on an outstanding warrant. The fate of the other person in the car was not mentioned in the news report. 

Always build a defense to drug possession charges

If you receive drug charges, you owe it to yourself to build a strong defense. These charges can dramatically alter your life's trajectory and may set you on a destructive course that is exceptionally difficult to overcome. Even if you look at your charges and think that there is no way to fight them, you probably have more options than you realize. You must begin the work of scrutinizing the charges and building your defense as soon as you can.

Do not make the mistake of putting off this important work until another time, because your prosecution certainly is not doing so. Each and every day that you wait to build a defense and counter the charges is another day that the prosecution has to make a case against you unimpeded.

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