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Man accused of gun crimes after fatal shooting

A man in New Jersey was recently accused of murdering a fellow retirement community resident with a gun. He now faces a murder charge along with a weapons charge. However, like anyone facing charges related to gun crimes, the man is presumed innocent until and unless his guilt is proved in criminal court.

Police said they were called to the retirement community at a little before 10 a.m. on a Monday. When they arrived there, they found a man lying on the ground and bleeding from the head. Gunshot wounds were also found in his back, and a hole from a bullet was discovered in a nearby residence's front door. The bleeding 71-year-old man ended up passing away within a short period.

Man arrested at elementary school, charged with gun crimes

A man was recently accused of engaging in criminal activity involving a weapon at a school in New Jersey. He now faces serious charges. However, anyone accused of gun crimes in the Garden State is always presumed innocent until the State can prove his guilt in a court of law.

According to authorities, the 46-year-old man showed up at an elementary school at around 4 p.m. one day with a gun that was loaded. Authorities were told that the man may have been armed, so the school was locked down. When police found him, he was reportedly holding a loaded pistol. He also allegedly had a couple more ammunition clips that were loaded.

Multiple reasons exist for divorce

Marriage is not an easy arrangement to keep up long term, and having a shaky foundation only decreases a marriage's chances of lasting. Unfortunately, in many cases, two spouses have no choice but to get a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Here is a glimpse at a handful of the chief reasons that people in New Jersey and elsewhere get divorced.

For starters, some individuals decide to end their marriages because they are tired of their spouses physically or emotionally abusing them. In addition, some people are tired of watching their significant others abuse alcohol or drugs. A recent survey showed that another motivating factor in divorce is monetary issues, as financial problems can cause a level of stress that takes a toll on a marriage.

Common mistakes that can impact your New Jersey divorce

It is common and understandable to want to take steps to protect yourself financially when you know a divorce is inevitable. Most people have heard stories of married folks who lose much of their net worth in divorce.

However, a lot of people attempting to protect themselves in the days and weeks leading up to a divorce can do far more harm than good. New Jersey does everything it can to make divorce fair for everyone involved, including attempting to split assets fairly.

Health, life insurance impacted by divorce

The end of a marriage is never an easy experience from a practical, financial or emotional standpoint. This is why many people going through divorce in New Jersey and elsewhere often overlook basic matters like medical insurance and life insurance. However, it is imperative to consider how such insurance plans will change following a divorce proceeding, as well as to prepare for these changes accordingly.

When it comes to medical insurance, individuals who were on their spouses' employer plans before getting divorced can fortunately stay on these plans even after the divorce, for up to three years. This is possible thanks to legislation known as COBRA. The problem with this coverage is that it is often prohibitively expensive. The good news is that more health insurance coverage options can now be accessed due to the Affordable Care Act, which became effective at the end of 2017.

Tips might help with navigating life post divorce

Going through the process of getting divorced in New Jersey can no doubt be exhausting mentally. For this reason, the moments after divorce can feel like a major relief. Still, newly divorced individuals would be wise to take a couple of steps to protect their best interests financially and emotionally in the years ahead.

First, it is important to ensure that legal matters have been handled appropriately. For instance, for those who had retirement assets to divide as part of the divorce proceeding, it is critical that they make sure that their qualified domestic relations orders, or QDROs, have been prepared as well as implemented. Many newly divorced individuals assume that, as soon as the judge has signed this judgment, they are finished with this step, but this is not correct.

Job loss can complicate divorce

Experiencing the dissolution of a marriage can understandably be immensely stressful. However, going through a divorce while simultaneously undergoing a sudden job loss can be even more overwhelming from both an emotional and a financial perspective. A couple of tips can help divorcing individuals in New Jersey to navigate divorce and job loss at the same time.

Job loss can easily occur during divorce due to a company layoff. In this situation, it is important that people who have lost their jobs demonstrate to the court that they are trying to secure employment again. In the meantime, their employed future ex-spouses may be required by the court to provide them with more spousal support until they are re-employed.

Drug Court: Drug addictions and the criminal justice system

One of the programs used in the New Jersey court system is Drug Court. Participants in this program have a moderate to severe drug abuse problem. Trying to treat the drug abuse is one way that the court might be able to reduce the likelihood of the person reoffending.

Drug Court isn't available for everyone. Instead, there is specific criteria for who is eligible. The person must not have any violent offenses and must pass a clinical assessment for dependence on drugs or alcohol. The program isn't easy, but it may have singificant benefits.

Child custody dispute can be difficult on the children

During the process of getting divorced in New Jersey, spouses may understandably feel sad, frustrated and angry. Likewise, the children they share together may feel anxious about the ordeal. This is particularly true if child custody is a sticking point between the parents. However, a couple of tips may assist parents who are in such a situation to help their children to get through the divorce process as unscathed as possible.

First, divorcing parents might want to maintain as normal of a family life as possible during and after the divorce. This may include eating out as a family regularly or watching a local baseball game together. If the parents prefer not to be around each other, they can still do fun activities with the children separately.

Divorce preparation may make process easier for all

Going through the process of dissolving a marriage can understandably be challenging from an emotional standpoint. However, if people in New Jersey mentally prepare themselves for the complex process of divorce, this may make the ordeal easier to handle. A couple of tips in particular might help them to approach their divorce proceedings with confidence.

First, after a person determines that continuing in a marriage simply is not feasible, it is important they he or she commits to this decision. To do this, a person might want to shut out the emotions caused by the divorce situation and instead focus on the matter from as objective of a standpoint as possible. Specifically, what divorce outcome is the individual seeking, and how can he or she achieve this?

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