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The new coronavirus may impact child custody arrangements

Parents in New Jersey and elsewhere have recently been instructed to engage in social distancing due to the spread of the new coronavirus. The question is, how does this impact the divorced parents of young children? Here is a look at how divorced parents who have a child custody arrangement may want to approach this arrangement during the current spread of the virus.

As a general rule of thumb, it is critical that co-parents remain in constant communication at this time. Furthermore, they should ideally be cooperative when schedule changes have to be made. This is vital because maintaining the children's health and the parents' health is of the utmost importance.

Divorce does not have to be an unbearable process

Dissolving a marriage is far from an easy task. In fact, it can be one of the most challenging events a person will experience in his or her lifetime. Fortunately, taking certain steps early on in the divorce process in New Jersey might make it more palatable given the circumstances.

First, tracking one's financial expenses carefully during the divorce proceeding is paramount. The reality is, two divorcing individuals may find it challenging to keep their costs separate. In addition, they may be perplexed about how to deal with a joint bank account and the expenses incurred in it. However, if they clearly record their individual expenses and point out which expenses are shared versus separate expenses, this may make handling property and division during the divorce process easier.

5 actions you might not realize are criminal acts

Many people don't realize how easy it is to break the law. Instead, they just go about their regular activities and don't think about how some actions might lead them to jail. Of course, when they are arrested, they become immediately concerned with what happened.

While the following criminal acts might not seem serious, being convicted of them can have serious consequences. For example, a felony could bar you from holding certain jobs or public offices. They may lead to time in jail or prison. Some other convictions can lead to costly fines and time on probation.

23 arrested in NJ for alleged drug and gun crimes

Twenty-three individuals in New Jersey were recently arrested for allegedly committing crimes involving drugs and weapons. Their arrests came at about 2 a.m. on a recent Wednesday. However, people who are accused of drug and gun crimes are always presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Authorities reportedly seized seven handguns along with drug money totaling $360,000 from a home and motor vehicles while arresting the 23 parties in two separate New Jersey counties. At that time, police also allegedly seized over two pounds of the drug heroin and about one pound of cocaine. Police said that while searching the home and vehicles, they also discovered prescription Oxycontin and Xanax pills.

Tips may make dealing with child custody easier for the family

Getting a divorce can quickly spark a wide range of conflicting emotions in both the parents and the young children involved. The children may especially feel torn if they find themselves caught in the middle of a child custody war. However, parents may help their children through this process in a few ways in New Jersey.

First, the parents may want to encourage their children to talk to somebody about how they are feeling. For instance, the parents could arrange for their children to a see a therapist or even the school counselor. Speaking honestly about how they are feeling can help them to avoid repressing their feelings, which will only cause more physical and emotional health problems for them down the road.

Choosing between divorce trial and settlement may be tricky

Not every marital dissolution process is the same. For instance, some divorcing couples choose to pursue settlement agreements so as to avoid traditional divorce litigation. Meanwhile, others go to trial to have a judge decide how they will handle the splitting of debts, for example. Here are some factors to take into consideration when trying to determine which route to take in New Jersey.

For starters, time is an important factor to consider when deciding between a divorce settlement and a divorce trial. This is because a trial may take more than a year to complete, while the settlement process may be finished in just a few months. Thus, if two spouses are able to work out their differences through negotiation, for instance, it would behoove them to choose settlement. Meanwhile, if they cannot agree on key divorce matters, they have no choice but to go to trial.

Criminal defense may help 3 charged with running fentanyl mill

Three individuals in New Jersey were recently accused of operating a drug mill responsible for distributing the drug fentanyl. According to authorities, their operation led to 76 overdoses. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary as they confront the serious criminal charges filed against them.

Police reported that the three individuals who were arrested in connection with the drug mill produced fentanyl that ended up in seven counties. Authorities said that, of the 76 suspected drug overdoses that the three caused, 29 were fatal. During a recent drug raid, authorities were reportedly able to seize several kilograms of the drug as well as several rubber stamps used during the drug packaging process.

Grey divorce can present special challenges

A long marriage is a sign that two people love each other enough to fight through the difficult times they've faced. Some people think that once they're measuring the marriage in decades that they aren't at risk of a divorce. The truth is that even long marriages can end.

In many cases, the reasons for the divorce have been festering in the relationship for a long time. While people may think that the sudden empty nest is a factor, the couple spending time alone simply highlights how far apart they've grown.

Being proactive may help with retirement planning post divorce

Getting divorced can quickly put a wrench in individuals' retirement plans in New Jersey. However, having a firm grasp on their finances can help them to deal effectively with the financial setback that comes with divorce. Here are a couple of tips for feeling in control and empowered financially following the divorce process.

First, it may be helpful to recalculate one's budget while going through the divorce process. A person's household income following divorce will likely be drastically different from his or her pre-divorce income, which means that a new budget must reflect the new reality. Developing accurate budgets can help divorcing individuals to avoid expensive miscalculations.

Solid criminal defense may help man accused of gun, drug crimes

A man in New Jersey was recently accused of committing crimes involving guns and drugs. His arrest came after police reportedly found him hiding from authorities behind a refrigerator in a backyard. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary to fight the multiple criminal charges filed against the man.

The recent arrest occurred after police said they saw the 46-year-old man hanging out along an avenue and street on a Wednesday. According to authorities, drug dealing is common in this area. Police said they saw the man peer into a bag made of plastic. Then, when police started to approach him, he purportedly walked away, looked back at them, and then started to run and discard items in the process.

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