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Always remain careful when you speak to police

Interacting with police can be unnerving, even if you are not doing anything criminal. In Atlantic City especially, where crime rates are often higher than in other areas, an encounter with police can easily take a turn for the worse, simply because you said the wrong thing or do not know how to protect your rights.

Whether you are stopped on a street, get pulled over while driving, or have some other interaction with police, criminal charges can arise quickly, particularly if you say something incriminating. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know what to say without incriminating yourself, and the more you say, the more likely that you are to run into problems.

Criminal defense on tap for woman facing drug charges after crash

A woman in New Jersey was recently taken into custody and accused of committing drug crimes. Her arrest came after she reportedly ran into a building in October. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary as she moves forward through the state's criminal justice system.

Authorities said that the 28-year-old woman drew their attention when she crashed into a parked car and then left the roadway and hit a building, which received minor damage as a result. Officials took her to the hospital following the accident since she complained of pain in her neck. They said that the woman was drug-impaired when the crash occurred.

Prenuptial agreements may provide asset protection in divorce

A common misconception among those who are about to get married in New Jersey is that they do not need prenuptial agreements if they are not wealthy. However, celebrities and extremely wealthy people are not the only people who may need prenuptial agreements. Anyone with assets that he or she would not want to lose during divorce may benefit from drafting a prenuptial agreement.

According to a recent survey, an increasing number of people during the past few years have pursued prenuptial agreements prior to getting married. Clearly, more individuals are realizing that they do not need to own real estate or other high-value assets to take advantage of prenuptial agreements. Likewise, these legal documents are not reserved just for those who have trusts.

Tax form may help with uncovering hidden assets during divorce

Going through the dissolution of a marriage in New Jersey can understandably be overwhelming from an emotional standpoint. However, divorce can also be complex financially, especially if one of the spouses is hiding assets. Here is a glimpse at how a divorcing spouse may be able to uncover any assets that the other party has hidden.

An individual who is going through divorce may be tempted to hire a private investigator to see if the other party has been concealing assets during the marriage. However, the information that he or she may be seeking might be right on the married couple's tax returns. The spouse who is trying to uncover hidden assets can simply take a look at Form 1040 to pinpoint red flags.

3 men accused of committing gun crimes in New Jersey

Three men were recently taken into custody in New Jersey for reportedly violating the state's weapons laws. Specifically, they allegedly possessed ammunition and a gun illegally. The men accused of committing gun crimes, who hail from other states, are ages 21, 23 and 41.

The arrests took place after police stopped a car along Route 138 on a Wednesday. All three of the men ended up being charged with possessing a gun along with hollow point ammunition. This is a kind of bullet that is illegal in the state of New Jersey if not being used in target shooting, hunting or fishing.

Strong criminal defense may help man facing drug charges

A man in New Jersey was recently arrested for committing a drug crime. The arrest came following a traffic stop that police initiated due to the man's alleged failure to follow the rules of the road. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary for the man to effectively fight the multiple charges he now faces.

The incident began at about 8:50 a.m. on a Saturday, when a police officer decided to stop a box truck that was headed north along Route 15. According to authorities, the truck was not maintaining its lane. Upon arriving at the truck, the officer reportedly smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked the driver about the odor.

Certain personality traits may increase likelihood of divorce

When two people walk down the aisle in New Jersey, they naturally expect to stick together long term. Of course, sometimes irreconcilable differences prevent that from happening, ultimately leading to divorce. In many situations, the problem has to do with the particular personality types of the spouses who are married. Here is a glimpse at a few personality traits that could doom a marital union.

One of these personality traits is the tendency to catastrophize. One partner may blow small incidents out of proportion, and this can cause the marriage to erode over time. Oftentimes, the incidents are not significant, but depression and anxiety can easily magnify it.

Know your right to legal help after a felony arrest in New Jersey

In general, you don't want to take criminal defense advice from television shows or movies about law enforcement. However, there is one standard suggestion made in most movies and shows that can also benefit you in the real world. It relates to those well-known Miranda rights people hear during an arrest.

You need to have extreme caution when speaking with law enforcement. As the popular phrase goes, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. In other words, no matter how friendly or understanding a law enforcement officer seems, you do not want to talk with them about a potential crime unless you have an attorney present to help you. If you do not research or stand up for your own rights, law enforcement will be more than happy to ignore them.

Post-divorce dating can be challenging for the kids to accept

A marital breakup can easily impact all members of the family in New Jersey -- from the parents to the children. However, children may find it particularly challenging to watch their parents split up and go their separate ways. Seeing a divorced parent start to date another person may only add salt to the wound in the mind of a child. In light of this, here are some tips for successfully navigating dating after divorce in New Jersey.

If a parent decides to start dating following the divorce, he or she may not want to show off his or her love interests to the children right away. This is particularly true if these love interests might not be serious, long-term ones. Instead, it is best to share a dating partner with the children only after some time has passed -- for example, a year or two.

Divorce rate on the decline

For many years, married couples in New Jersey and elsewhere have heard that half of marital unions end prematurely. However, new research shows that this is not true anymore. Researchers said that, in reality, the rate of divorce dropped by 18 percent between 2008 and 2016.

Apparently, young women are driving the trend of a decreasing divorce rate. One of the reasons for this is that many are waiting to get married until they are older, after they have become more established in their careers and have set work schedules. This helps to cut down on the conflict that could happen if a woman ends up having to work more hours later in the marriage than she did earlier in the marriage.

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