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Marital home can be source of conflict during divorce

Going through the marital dissolution process is often a stressful experience. One of the major points of contention among divorcing spouses is how to handle the family home. Here are a couple of options for addressing the family home during a divorce in New Jersey.

First, one individual may wish to keep the house and live there or even rent it out. In this situation, he or she can buy out the other party. The other option -- the most commonly pursued one -- is for both parties to sell the house and then split the proceeds between themselves.

New Jersey drug courts can save you from jail time and addiction

The War on Drugs has been a pretty resounding failure. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a war on drug users. The sad truth is that the War on Drugs has done very little to stop the sale or use of any of a number of prohibited substances.

From marijuana to methamphetamine, demand for drugs remains high. A large number of people use prohibited substances for both recreational reasons and because of addiction. These people are often the real victims of the War on Drugs. For a small portion of the population using prohibited drugs, there will be criminal consequences.

Divorce process does not have to be hostile in New Jersey

Getting divorced can be a tumultuous time for the entire family. When the two parties getting divorced are experiencing anger, this can make the divorce process even harder to stomach. However, a few tips may make it easier for people to experience relatively peaceful marital breakups in New Jersey.

First, the two parties who have decided to get divorced may benefit from showing respect to one another. If their divorce was the result of infidelity or an alcohol addiction, for instance, this might not be the easiest thing to do. However, dragging out the divorce process at trial can lead to immense emotional, financial and physical pain. Maintaining civility can help to avoid these issues.

Violating your probation could mean serving serious jail time

Receiving probation as a penalty instead of a jail sentence can feel like getting a second chance at life. You may have expected to spend some time incarcerated, and now you will only face the ongoing scrutiny of a probation officer instead of the inside of a prison cell.

However, just because you managed to avoid going to jail immediately during your sentencing does not mean that you are out of the proverbial woods yet. In reality, you remain at risk of going to jail for the entire time that you are still on probation. Even small mistakes could result in the revocation of your probation and the requirement to serve the full sentence associated with the criminal offense.

The pain of divorce can be minimized

Couples in New Jersey usually do not enter marriage expecting to later break up. However, according to research, between 40% and 50% of United States married couples do get divorced. Even though divorce can understandably be challenging, some tips might make the process less painful for those involved.

First, divorcing spouses may want to secure emotional support early on, as this may help them to better cope with their future ex's antics. This support may come from family members or therapists, for example. The truth is, although disagreement is common during divorce, one spouse may become more hostile than usual during the divorce proceeding. This is because the spouse might start to view the divorce as a war to win, no matter what the cost may be.

Divorce can be complicated for business people

Business people in New Jersey usually do not get married believing that their marriage will come to an end one day. Unfortunately, sometimes, divorce is inevitable. Here are a couple of steps people can take to protect themselves in the event that they get divorced.

First, it can be helpful for business people to create prenuptial agreements before marriage or postnuptial agreements after marriage. These formal agreements document guidelines concerning issues such as how their businesses should be valued during divorce proceedings and how their assets should be split. Having such formal agreements in place can help to facilitate resolutions and ease the anxieties of both the business people and their future ex-spouses.

Researchers examine age that many people end up getting a divorce

In New Jersey and elsewhere, most people marry with the expectation that they will stay united. The reality, though, is that marriages don't always last. Statistics suggest that close to 50 percent of them result in divorce proceedings. Here is a look at what age many married individuals today might end up experiencing divorce.

Researchers recently examined people's marital outcomes at various ages back in 2017. Based on answers to inquiries about their marital statuses as well as number of marital unions, about 10 percent of those age 30 had been divorced already. Meanwhile, this percentage ended up maxing out at 63 years old. That is when around 41 percent of respondents had gone through a divorce.

Criminal defense attorney may help man arrested for drug crime

A man in New Jersey was recently arrested for committing a drug crime. The drug possession-related arrest came following a traffic stop. However, a strong criminal defense may help the man to fight the charge successfully.

According to police, an officer stopped the man's car on a street for equipment-related violations. After speaking with the man, the police officer reportedly saw signs that drugs were being used. These signs were allegedly in plain view.

Mistakes made in divorce can have negative financial consequences

Outside of child custody, money is typically one of a divorcing couple's biggest areas of contention in New Jersey. This is true whether two people have a wealth of assets to split or do not have many high-value assets. Unfortunately, making ill-informed financial decisions during a divorce proceeding may have negative consequences long term. Here is glimpse at two mistakes that can be particularly problematic from a money standpoint.

First, failing to shut down joint accounts, including credit card accounts, can pose problems. The reason for this is that even if a man, for example, agrees to take over the payments for a specific credit card balance, his future ex-wife may still be liable for this debt if her name is on the credit card account. Why? Because the contract they have with the credit card company predates their marital breakup, so the company does not have to acknowledge their divorce agreement. This is why it would be beneficial for the divorcing spouses in this situation to transfer the outstanding credit card debt to an account with only the man's name on it and then close the old account.

New Year can be emotionally challenging following divorce

The New Year can spark a wide of feelings in those celebrating it in New Jersey. However, this is especially the case for those who have gone through divorce. After all, although this holiday can be a happy time with family and friends, it may also remind recently divorced individuals of the bittersweet marital breakups they have experienced. However, a few tips may help these individuals to make the most of the coming New Year.

First, being intentional is critical. This may mean creating special experiences with the children, or it may mean finally completing past-due projects or simply resting. Recently divorced individuals would be wise to record their biggest priorities for the New Year and then work on fulfilling them.

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