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A little preparation can go a long way in divorce

Ending a marriage in New Jersey is a challenge, especially considering the financial and emotional complexities involved. However, being aware of and prepared for the divorce process can help to make the experience more palatable. Here is a look at a couple of valuable steps in preparing for the end of a marriage.

For starters, having a solid understanding of one's financial situation is crucial. Review household financial documents, including bank account statements, mortgage information and tax returns. The more of this information that is gathered, studied and understood, the greater the chances become of achieving the desired property division outcome.

Co-parents can help their kids heal after divorce

There's no two ways about it — divorce is hard on children. But that does not mean that parents should remain locked in a loveless marriage until their children have left the nest.

Many children of divorce admit that the peace of a post-divorce life devoid of fights and stony silences is preferable to life in a (cold) war zone. If parents want to get it right, they can agree to put aside some of the acrimony and work in concert to help the kids get over the trauma of their parents' split.

Research shows divorce more common at end of summer

As the summer season draws to an end in the next few weeks, many more couples may opt to quickly end their marriages in New Jersey and elsewhere. This is because research shows that the rate of divorce consistently peaks when summer ends. Here are a few reasons why late summer appears to be a popular time to get divorced.

First, in some cases, married couples think that the summer season will help them to repair their marriages, but they quickly realize that divorce is inevitable due to unresolved issues. Summer may also highlight marital issues because extra emphasis is often placed on bonding with family members during the summer months. In addition, divorce may happen in late summer because new empty-nesters may find themselves reevaluating their marriages once their children begin college.

Criminal defense may help 28 facing felony drug, gun charges

Twenty-eight people in New Jersey were recently arrested for reportedly committing gun and drug crimes. The arrests took place as part of police operations in two separate cities. A strong criminal defense may help the multiple arrested individuals to defend themselves against the serious charges they are facing in the Garden State.

During the first operation that took place, 22 guns were seized. These weapons included a few assault rifles as well as several high-capacity magazines. Authorities also seized 11,000 fentanyl and heroin doses, along with cocaine and more than $50,000 in cash.

Criminal defense may help 10 people arrested on drug charges

Ten individuals were recently arrested in New Jersey for allegedly committing drug crimes. Specifically, police said they took part in a drug market that was hosted at someone's home. A strong criminal defense, however, may help the 10 parties to aggressively defend themselves in the court system.

Police said they conducted a search of the New Jersey home after receiving many complaints about the house from people in the neighborhood. There, they reportedly discovered an open-air market featuring a variety of drugs, such as Xanax, ecstasy and cocaine. Authorities said they also found crack cocaine and marijuana at the house.

Divorce process has long-term financial implications

Going through a marital breakup in New Jersey can understandably pose emotional challenges. However, it can have a drastic impact on a person's financial situation as well. Fortunately, a few moves may help individuals who are getting a divorce to protect themselves financially in the years following the divorce proceeding.

For starters, it is imperative that those navigating divorce pay attention to how their asset division decisions will affect them tax-wise. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, so all marital property -- assets accumulated over the course of the marriage -- must be divided in a manner that the judge deems equitable, or fair. However, various assets receive different types of tax treatment; for instance, some retirement accounts are pre-tax, while others are not. Understanding how different assets are treated tax-wise may help divorcing individuals to approach property division prudently.

Certain child custody arrangements may lead to happy divorce

When parents in New Jersey get divorced, they may understandably worry about how the process will impact their children. For this reason, when tackling child custody, many divorcing parents strive to make sure that both parents play active roles in their children's lives following divorce. Here are a few custody arrangements that parents have attempted in an effort to have positive divorce situations.

First, in many situations, parents make one house their home base. In other words, the children live with the custodial parent at the house. Then, the children get to stay with the other party on every other weekend, or they can meet the other party for dinner weekly, for example.

Do you understand the difference between theft and burglary?

Theft crimes are some of the most common offenses, but quite a few people don't really understand the different kinds of theft laws in New Jersey. While most people realize that retail fraud is effectively shoplifting, which is a form of theft conducted inside a business, there are other kinds of theft that they may not understand.

Many people don't understand the difference between a burglary and a robbery although both are theft under New Jersey law. If you or a loved one are facing allegations related to theft, burglary or robbery, familiarizing yourself with the difference between these forms of theft can help you understand the potential consequences and develop a defense strategy for court.

Healing after divorce is possible

When people in New Jersey decide to get divorced, it is usually because all other options for making a marriage work have failed. Unfortunately, the divorce process can take an emotional toll on those going through it. However, a few tips may help navigating these family law proceedings to make the most of the process and heal in the midst of it.

First, it helps for those going through divorce to talk to other people -- close friends, a therapist or a divorce coach -- about what they are experiencing. It also helps to grieve, to let out the emotions that naturally come with ending such an important relationship. Accepting these emotions can help advance the healing process. 

People remember things that never happened

You may have heard that memories can change over time, and it's true. However, studies have revealed that the problem can go much farther than that. In reality, people often suffer from "false memories." Essentially, though they feel convinced that what they remember is real, it never happened at all.


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