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Should you take a plea bargain? Here are the pros and cons

A criminal charge in Atlantic City or other areas can have long lasting and even devastating consequences depending on the nature of the charges. For instance, even a conviction for driving under the influence can lead to jail time, job loss and cost thousands of dollars in fees and fines. In the hope of lessening these kinds of consequences, many people facing criminal charges will negotiate a plea deal.

In general, over 90 percent of criminal convictions are a result of negotiating a guilty plea. Plea bargaining is often a complicated process that has absolutely nothing to do with an individual's guilt or innocence. If you are facing criminal charges and thinking about taking a plea deal, here are some pros and cons you should consider.

Criminal defense may help man accused of using scissors as weapon

A man in New Jersey was recently taken into custody for reportedly pointing scissors at another man. The man is also accused of refusing to allow the victim to leave a house for over two hours. The arrested man would likely benefit from a strong criminal defense in light of the weapons charge that has been filed against him in connection with the incident.

The scissors incident took place on a Saturday.  According to authorities, the man who was arrested used the scissors to threaten the other party, ordering the victim to take a seat. He then allegedly continued to make threats toward the victim for around 2.5 hours.

Planning for college savings essential during divorce

Getting divorced in New Jersey can certainly have an impact on the spouses going through it, but it can also affect the children. One aspect of caring for children post divorce that is sometimes neglected during the divorce process is how to pay for their college education. Parents going through divorce would be wise to tackle this matter during their divorce proceeding to prevent conflicts regarding it in the future.  It is customary for parties to avoid addressing that issue in a resolution of a divorce until the childen are near completion of their school.

If possible, it is best for parents to come up with an agreement that explains how they intend to cover their children's college tuition and other anticipated higher education expenses. These other expenses may include computers, books and meal plans, for example. Many parents use state university costs as a guideline for determining how much to save.

Strong criminal defense may help man facing drug charges

A man in New Jersey was recently accused of having a controlled substance in his possession following a police traffic stop. He therefore now faces drug charges. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary to help him to combat this charge in the state's criminal justice system.

At around 6:30 p.m. on a Monday, a police officer saw a car going south along Route 206 and decided to randomly check it. When the car's registration came back as being unregistered, the police officer pulled over the car. At that time, the officer reportedly detected the smell of marijuana emanating from the car.

Those accused of gun crimes may pursue plea deals

A man in New Jersey was recently charged with committing a weapon-related crime against his family members while intoxicated back in July. Rather than going to trial to fight this charge, he decided to take a plea deal. Likewise, other people who are accused of committing gun crimes in the Garden State have the option of pursuing a plea agreement, which may be more personally advantageous than going to trial.

The New Jersey man who was recently charged with a gun crime admitted to getting into a drunken argument with his loved ones and then threatening to shoot them. He said that, at that time, he was in possession of an assault rifle-style semi-automatic weapon. He ended up pleading guilty to the possession of a firearm in the second degree as well as to third-degree terrorist-related threats.

Business assets at stake during company owner's divorce

During the marital dissolution process in New Jersey, property division can understandably be a major source of conflict between two spouses. This is especially true when a high-value asset, such as a business, is at stake. Here is a look at what business owners can do to safeguard their business assets from a divorce.

First, business owners may want to create their own trust, LLCs or corporations. Completing the incorporation process is especially beneficial for business owners who have not yet gotten married. Creating trusts, LLCs or corporations is advantageous because this allows business owners to make their businesses separate entities that can hold their business assets. However, business owners would be wise not to utilize marital assets -- such as money in a joint bank account -- to pay for their business assets, as their businesses will then become marital assets, too. As a result, the businesses will be subject to property division during divorce.

Is Drug Court an option for you?

When it comes to criminal drug charges, it often seems like the system is stacked against people who suffer from addiction. New Jersey is one of the states that has recognized this problem and has taken steps to see that people who are facing a conviction will not only pay their debt to society, but also receive the treatment they need to effectively combat the self-destructive cycle of substance abuse.

New Jersey has introduced Drug Courts to its criminal justice system to stop substance abuse and the criminal activity that usually goes along with it. Drug Courts differ from criminal courts in that they endeavor to establish a close working relationship between the criminal justice system and professionals that treat addiction.

Arrests for gun crimes may lead to prison sentence

A man in New Jersey was recently sentenced to federal prison for engaging in criminal activity involving a weapon. He received a sentence of 7.5 years behind bars. Gun crimes are serious, which is why having a strong criminal defense is expedient for those facing criminal charges involving these weapons in the Garden State.

In the case of the man who was recently sentenced, police said they witnessed him display a gun to another man. The first man, 27, had obtained the weapon from underneath a car's passenger seat. Two children had been exiting and entering the car at the time as they frolicked nearby.

2 men charged with gun crimes in New Jersey

Two men in New Jersey were recently taken into custody for allegedly engaging in criminal activity involving weapons. Specifically, police said they were illegally possessing guns. The men accused of committing gun crimes are ages 18 and 19.

Police reported that they received reports about young men donning black clothes and toting guns. Detectives later spotted around six men who fit this description. When authorities approached the men, the men allegedly fled.

Follow these tips to have a successful divorce

Making the decision to end your marriage is the first step in a long and complicated process. Maneuvering through the process might even feel like walking a tightrope at times. A misstep can cost you when it comes time to deal with major issues like marital property division and custody.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your interests during the divorce process. Other than establishing a strong support system and securing sound advice, the following divorce tips can help you have a successful divorce.

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