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Always build a defense to drug possession charges

If you receive drug charges, you owe it to yourself to build a strong defense. These charges can dramatically alter your life's trajectory and may set you on a destructive course that is exceptionally difficult to overcome. Even if you look at your charges and think that there is no way to fight them, you probably have more options than you realize. You must begin the work of scrutinizing the charges and building your defense as soon as you can.

Do not make the mistake of putting off this important work until another time, because your prosecution certainly is not doing so. Each and every day that you wait to build a defense and counter the charges is another day that the prosecution has to make a case against you unimpeded.

Future loss of alimony deduction may complicate divorce

Ending a New Jersey marriage is not easy for either party. Still, the spouse who earned less in the marriage may feel particularly nervous about his or her financial future following divorce. Fortunately for this party, alimony exists in an effort to bridge the financial gap and help that individual stay afloat financially. The problem, though, is that the alimony deduction that currently exists for paying spouses will soon disappear, which may have an adverse impact on both spouses.

For over seven decades, spouses paying alimony could deduct their alimony payments from their federal income taxes. Meanwhile, the spouses who received the alimony paid taxes on the income. This will no longer be the case for tax years after 2018, when the alimony deduction will be eliminated. Lawmakers say that removing the deduction will help to raise more than $8 billion in tax revenue during the next decade.

Criminal defense on tap for men facing LSD distribution charges

Two men were recently arrested in New Jersey in connection with the distribution of drugs. Specifically, they were allegedly distributing LSD. A strong criminal defense may help these men to protect their reputations and their futures in light of the serious criminal accusations made against them.

The arrests took place following an undercover police investigation. One of the men reportedly sold LSD to a person who was cooperating with a drug task force. In addition, the other man is accused of selling the drug to the first man at the first man's home.

3 arrested for drug, gun crimes

Three individuals in New Jersey were recently taken into custody on drug and gun charges. Their arrests for committing drug and gun crimes took place following a police investigation into the distribution of drugs in a couple of New Jersey cities. Those taken into custody range in age from 27 to 49.

Police said in mid-March, members of a police task force finished their month-long investigation into a woman and secured a warrant to search her house. After executing the search warrant, police arrested the woman and another woman. They also later arrested a man who had connections to them. At the house, authorities allegedly seized synthetic marijuana, bulk heroin, packaged heroin, crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Child custody and taxes can be complicated during divorce

The process of getting divorced in New Jersey can understandably be challenging from a financial perspective. This is particularly true for those who have children and, thus, must deal with child custody during their divorce proceeding. One aspect of divorce that can be confusing for those with children is determining who can claim a child as a dependent for tax purposes.

A dependent can have a major effect on taxes. After all, the parent who claims a child as a dependent can claim the tax filing status of the head of the household. In addition, he or she can enjoy the exemption available for a dependent, as well as several tax credits. These credits include those for having a child, for child and dependent care, and for earned income. Both the amount of a credit and the ability to qualify for a credit are impacted by the dependents that a parent can claim.

Divorce later in life can have major financial impact

The dissolution of a marriage in New Jersey can unfortunately derail even the most perfectly created retirement plan. This is especially true if the divorce happens late in life. After all, those who go through a marital breakup when they are older have less time to recover financially.

During divorce, two things typically happen that can complicate an individual's financial situation. First, the two spouses must split their assets. Second, they may end up doubling their expense footprint, as they now have to maintain two separate households using the assets they had spent their lives building. This can be financially devastating.

4 ways a criminal defense lawyer can help you

Imagine you were charged with a crime in Linwood, New Jersey. Conceivably, you could try to defend yourself against the charges without the assistance of a lawyer, but you would have a difficult time with it.

The prosecution will be working as hard as possible to convict you, and they will use a lot of techniques to increase the chances of a guilty verdict. Without proper training, you may not know what the best course of action for your criminal defense will be. This is why the law gives every criminal defendant the right to representation by a licensed attorney.

Divorce can be confusing both financially and emotionally

One of the toughest parts of going through a marital breakup is facing an unknown future. After all, divorce is all about untangling two lives both emotionally and financially so that both parties can go their separate ways. However, having a good idea of one's financial situation may help to make the transition to singe life easier in New Jersey.

Those going through divorce would be wise to examine the amount of debt for which they will be responsible after the divorce. Another important financial move is to calculate any child-related expenses they must cover. For those who have to pay child support or make alimony payments, these are other important costs to add into a new spreadsheet budget as well.

Family dog Rufus can be a point of contention during divorce

In New Jersey and across the country, nearly 70 percent of households own pets. Thus, the fact that spouses fight over pets during divorce proceedings is likely not surprising. A few tips may help with navigating a divorce proceeding involving a pet.

In the eyes of the family law court, even though Rufus may be a treasured loved one in the family, the pet is actually property. In other words, it is lumped in with furniture and cars during the property division process. Still, that has not stopped some couples from approaching their fur babies with the same type of custody mindset they would have for their children.

Strong criminal defense may help 5 arrested on drug charges

Five individuals have been taken into custody for selling drugs in New Jersey. Their arrests took place following a police investigation spanning two months. A strong criminal defense is necessary to effectively fight these types of criminal charges in the state's criminal justice system.

According to police, the five arrested parties took part in a large-scale distribution network involving cocaine and heroin/fentanyl. Police said they issued search warrants at three separate locations and then conducted a drug raid. At the locations they searched, more than half a kilogram of cocaine was reportedly seized, along with a couple hundred grams of crack cocaine.

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