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Successful Court Cases

2023…(TC v MC) We appealed a Final Restraining Order in Cape May County, New Jersey. We did not represent the client at the original restraining order hearing where the Final Restraining Order was granted. The Appellate Division reversed the decision and remanded it, ordering the dismissal of the Restraining Order.

April 2023 – In July 2020, my client was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. He was a juvenile at the time and two parties were injured. He was charged with assault by auto, DWI, leaving the scene of an accident and other lesser charges. We were successful in adjudicating his matter in juvenile court for the criminal charges. He received probation and no incarceration and no loss of license. On the motor vehicle matters, he entered a plea to careless driving and failing to report an accident and received $410 in fines and costs.

January 2023 – Client was charged with a handgun. The State recommended five years New Jersey State Prison with one (1) year parole ineligibility. We appealed the denial of a Graves Act Waiver; the judge agreed with us and sentenced him to probation and no jail time. The client had no prior record and was attending college and working. There was no reason that he should have served time in State Prison. Apparently, the judge agreed with the argument.

2022 State v. R.L.
Client was charged with selling ten (10) ounces of CDS, including the sale to an undercover police officer. He was facing a life sentence. I was able to get him a sentence to eight (8) years flat.

2022 State of NJ v T.S.
This client was facing a life sentence because he had a prior first-degree distribution charge. This case was a first-degree re-distribution charge. I was able to get him eight (8) years flat on a second-degree possession with intent to distribute and got him released in between the plea and the sentencing.

2022 T.M. v S.B.
This was a domestic violence case. I was able to get a restraining order and a final restraining order when her boyfriend was charged with terroristic threats and harassment. This matter went to trial and after a two-hour trial, the Judge granted a final restraining order.

2022 State of NJ v J.M.
A neighbor charged our client with defiant trespass and harassment when he was attempting to put up a tree stand in public trust land. We went to trial in the Regional Municipal Court and after a one-hour trial the Judge found my client Not Guilty of all charges.

August 2022State v VM – Money Laundering and Rackettering -This case involved a married client who had children and a very successful construction business. He was indicted with first-degree money laundering and racketeering, in which he faced 20 years in State prison. Any type of conviction would be detrimental to him, his family and his business, and certainly a hardship on his family.

On August 25, 2022, the first-degree indictment that alleged money laundering and racketeering was dismissed in Superior Court as a result of a Motion to Dismiss Indictment. The State opposed our Motion, but the Judge agreed with the defense counsel’s argument and granted our application.

February 2021 – This client fell asleep at a McDonald’s drive-through window. He was charged with possession of CDS (heroin) and DWI. He had another similar case on a separate day, where he received additional charges of possession of CDS and motor vehicle. Two (2) indictable cases and one DWI with other motor vehicle charges. Attorney Michael Schreiber was able to get him a reckless driving with 60 days loss of license and an ordinance violation. All indictable charges were DISMISSED.

December 2020 – A client was charged with two separate counts of robbery and was looking at a five (5) to ten (10) year jail sentence with having to complete the sentences by 85% prior to being eligible for parole. Attorney Michael Schreiber was able to negotiate the charge to a robbery from a person and the client received probation and no jail time. In addition, Mr. Schreiber was able to get the client released at the Detention Hearing.

December 2020 – Superior Court of New Jersey. Attorney Michael Schreiber represented a client who was seeking to finalize a restraining order, which started out as innocently as a dating relationship. When the relationship ended, it morphed into a nightmare. During a 4-week relationship, the defendant accessed Mr. Schreiber’s client’s phone and retrieved personal information, and called the client’s family as well as the current girlfriend. The individual became vindictive and sent about 96 unanswered phone calls and numerous texts over a short period of time. An individual also named Mr. Schreiber’s client’s address, pets and pictures of his house. The ex also sent threatening and vulgar texts to the current girlfriend. The trial lasted 3-1/2 hours and Mr. Schreiber was able to obtain a final restraining order, providing his client with some safety and comfort.

October 2020 – Attorney Michael Schreiber represented a juvenile involved in a motor vehicle accident in Wildwood Crest in October 2020. He was facing 1st- and 2nd-degree charges due to the injuries of the victim. The State was contemplating waiving him to adult status, where he would have been facing up to 10 to 20 years jail time, with 85% no parole, referred to as a NERA case. Thankfully the victim survived her injuries, and Mr. Schreiber was able to convince the prosecutor’s office that he should not be waived to adult court. He was charged as a juvenile with a 3rd-degree assault by auto and several minor motor vehicle violations. Hopefully, juvenile probation will be the worst-case scenario.

2020 – Attorney Michael Schreiber represented client R.W., who was going through a divorce and received a DWI ticket in Somers Point, NJ. Under a new statute, he was able to avoid license suspension in lieu of an interlock device being installed in his vehicle for 7 months. This allowed him to maintain employment and his driving privileges.

2020 – S.D. was charged with 2nd-degree sexual assault and he was being detained. Attorney Michael Schreiber retained the services of a private investigator who was a former Captain in the State Police and he was able to obtain police, telephone, credit cards and other records. Mr. Schreiber wrote an extension brief to the court for the purposes of the Detention Hearing. He was able to provide reciprocal discovery that brought into question the credibility of the alleged victim’s allegations. The judge denied the State’s motion to detain and ordered his release with conditions.

July 13, 2020 – Atlantic County client, T.D., pled guilty to a charge of possession of a weapon by a convicted person. The recommended sentence was seven years with five years no parole. I was able to negotiate a plea and get him released pending sentencing.

June 18, 2020 – Hamilton Township, NJ. I had a client with a 30-year-old motor vehicle ticket for driving on the revoked list and careless driving. He was a Pennsylvania resident. He was recently divorced and moving to New Jersey and his license had been revoked in New Jersey for not resolving the 30-year-old ticket. He retained me to get the bench warrant removed, and we went to court and all his charges were dismissed. There was no penalty for failing to appear for this ticket.

State v. N.T. – Client had two DWIs. One of them involved an accident in which he was injured. One in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, and one in Estell Manor, NJ. Due to his injuries, blood was drawn. Based on the status of the law, we filed a Suppression Motion for the results of the blood draw because it was drawn without a warrant. We were able to get three of the tickets dismissed. In Estell Manor, we tried the case and the state failed to call the required witnesses to get the blood results into evidence. He ended up pleading guilty to careless driving with a fine.

2018 – Client went through a stop sign and narrowly missed hitting another car. This was witnessed by a police officer. He was charged with careless driving and stop sign violation, a 4-point ticket. I was able to plead him out to delay of traffic with no points. We were able to find a history of brake problems with the car and convinced the prosecutor to change the ticket.

2018 – Atlantic County client, R.N., who had several drug charges. The state was seeking a state prison sentence because of client’s prior record. We were able to work out a plea agreement and convince the sentencing judge to a probationary sentence with some time in the county jail, that he was able to complete on his days off from work.

A 33-year-old man was charged with attempted murder in Gloucester County concerning a road rage incident that resulted in the victim sustaining a broken arm, broken ribs, bruised heart and fractured vertebrae. The state filed a motion to detain the client. Mr. Schreiber, with the assistance of his private investigator, William Scull, was able to convince the Superior Court Judge that there were alternative conditions to ensure the client would appear in court and was not a threat to society. The judge denied the State’s motion for detention and released the client on level 2 conditions. Mr. Schreiber was also able to get the first degree murder charges reduced to a second degree at the time of the detention hearing.

November 30, 2017 – In Cape May County, I handled a second-degree distribution of pornographic material. Client was sentenced to probation and 90 days in the Cape May County Jail. The state was initially seeking three years New Jersey State Prison. We were able to convince the State to lower the sentence to a more reasonable number as the client had no prior record

STATE v. J.C. – In December 2015, we had a jury trial with an offer of 15 years state prison, 85% with no parole for a charge of armed robbery. The client was a high school student with no prior record. We received a Not Guilty verdict on all charges.

STATE v. A.J. – August 2016. Client was charged with five 1st degree charges, including kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault, and armed robbery. If he was convicted of the charges, he would be facing a life sentence of which 85% would be without parole. After a one month trial, he was found Not Guilty of all but the 1st-degree charges and Not Guilty of all but two of the 2nd-degree charges. Sentencing is pending.

This case was a murder trial in Ocean County Superior Court. Attorney Michael H. Schreiber represented Dennis Thigpen who was charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. This was the third time that this case was tried. Michael H. Schreiber tried the case twice and the jury was hung on all counts during both of his trials. The charges were dismissed.

Mr. Street was charged with possession of a handgun and tampering with evidence. Attorney Michael H. Schreiber filed a suppression motion arguing that the police searched Mr. Street’s home without obtaining informed consent or having a warrant. After written motions were submitted and oral arguments were heard, the judge suppressed the evidence. As a result of the evidence being suppressed the charges were dismissed.

This case was a high profile case that gained national attention as the “Atlantic City Voter Fraud Case”. The trial lasted for six months between October of 2010 and March of 2011. Attorney Michael H. Schreiber represented LuQuay Zahir who was one of six people tried. The jury returned a not guilty verdict on all counts.

This case was a murder trial in Atlantic County Superior Court. The murder occurred in Atlantic City. Jeramiah Hurt and his co-defendant Jy Smartel were charged with shooting a man to death in August 2006 at the Stanley Holmes Village in Atlantic City. Attorney Michael H. Schreiber represented Mr. Hurt. The jury returned a not guilty verdict on murder, conspiracy, endangering an injured victim, aggravated assault and weapons offenses after eight hours of deliberation.

This case was a murder trial in Atlantic County Superior Court. William Ridley was charged with murdering a man in the course of committing a robbery. The jury returned a not guilty verdict on the charges of Murder and Felony Murder.

This was a case that involved a $750,000 casino scam. Mr. Vo was charged with participating in a mini-baccarat scam that bilked Caesars Casino out of at least $750,000. He was charged with second-degree offenses and faced up to 10 years in prison. Michael H. Schreiber was the attorney who was able to get him probation.

Mr. Douglas was accused of conspiring to embezzle $229,000 from a bank. After more than a full day of deliberations the jury returned a not guilty verdict and acquitted Mr. Douglas.

This case was a murder case that involved the husband losing control and blacking out during the middle of a heated argument in which his wife was killed. Michael H. Schreiber was able to work out a plea deal in which Mr. Hillyard would serve nine years for the killing of his wife.