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Criminal defense may help 3 charged with running fentanyl mill

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Three individuals in New Jersey were recently accused of operating a drug mill responsible for distributing the drug fentanyl. According to authorities, their operation led to 76 overdoses. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary as they confront the serious criminal charges filed against them.

Police reported that the three individuals who were arrested in connection with the drug mill produced fentanyl that ended up in seven counties. Authorities said that, of the 76 suspected drug overdoses that the three caused, 29 were fatal. During a recent drug raid, authorities were reportedly able to seize several kilograms of the drug as well as several rubber stamps used during the drug packaging process.

During the raid, authorities also reportedly discovered three handguns and two magazines. They also allegedly found 13 gun cartridges. The three individuals facing criminal charges following the raid are ages 30, 34 and 46.

The three parties facing drug charges have the right to go to trial to fight these charges. At trial, prosecutors must prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt before any convictions can be secured. This high standard is in place with the goal of preventing innocent individuals from being convicted of crimes that they did not commit.

Rather than going to trial, however, the defendants also have the option of seeking to negotiate plea deals with the prosecution. The benefit of this is that it may lead to lesser charges and thus lighter sentences compared with what may have resulted following guilty verdicts at trial. A criminal defense attorney will pursue the best outcome for his or her client in light of the circumstances surrounding the client’s arrest in New Jersey.