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Strong criminal defense may help 2 facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Two individuals in New Jersey — a man and his wife, an educator board vice president — were recently accused of committing a drug crime. Specifically, authorities said that the pair attempted to purchase cannabis from a neighboring country. A strong criminal defense is needed to defend their criminal charges in the Garden State.

Police said that they busted the man, 46, when he was trying to obtain a package of cannabis products. His wife reportedly purchased the THC products online. They now face charges of marijuana possession as well as conspiring to possess the drug, which are fourth-degree charges.

In addition to serving on a school board, the woman who was arrested happens to also be a teacher of middle school students and a guidance counselor as well. If she is convicted on her drug charge, she could end up losing her teaching credentials and her job. She could additionally be banned from continuing as a school board member.

The two individuals facing drug charges have a number of options for addressing these charges in New Jersey. First, they could go to trial to fight the charges. The prosecution must prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before they canbe convicted.  Second, they could seek to strike plea deals with the prosecution with the hopes of receiving lighter sentences than what may result from guilty verdicts at trial. Thirdly, they could apply for Pre-Trial Intervention which would result in a full dismissal of the charges if successfully completed.  Fourthly, one of the two people charged could exonerate the other.  Fifthly, the charges could be remanded to municipal court as disorderly persons charges and an application could be made under the recent Attorney General Guidelines requesting a dismissal. Either way, in this type of situation, a criminal defense attorney will seek the most personally beneficial outcome for the defendant.