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Criminal defense may help 28 facing felony drug, gun charges

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Twenty-eight people in New Jersey were recently arrested for reportedly committing gun and drug crimes. The arrests took place as part of police operations in two separate cities. A strong criminal defense may help the multiple arrested individuals to defend themselves against the serious charges they are facing in the Garden State.

During the first operation that took place, 22 guns were seized. These weapons included a few assault rifles as well as several high-capacity magazines. Authorities also seized 11,000 fentanyl and heroin doses, along with cocaine and more than $50,000 in cash.

During the second operation, police concentrated on the 4K Boyz group, which is affiliated with a street gang. They reportedly ended up seizing 27,000 heroin doses at a couple of pill mills that the group ran. In addition, they allegedly discovered a kilo of heroin, some fentanyl and equipment used for cutting, processing and packaging drugs. Authorities reported that they additionally discovered cocaine methamphetamine and cash totaling about $60,000. The individuals arrested as part of the two operations now face a slew of felony drug and gun charges.

Facing felony drug and gun charges in New Jersey can understandably be intimidating, as being convicted on such charges can lead to time behind bars as well as potentially hefty fines. However, the individuals facing these serious charges have the right to go to trial to fight them vigorously. A criminal defense attorney will closely examine the prosecution’s evidence for weaknesses and will determine the best approach for minimizing possible consequences against the defendant.