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Criminal defense may help 10 people arrested on drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Ten individuals were recently arrested in New Jersey for allegedly committing drug crimes. Specifically, police said they took part in a drug market that was hosted at someone’s home. A strong criminal defense, however, may help the 10 parties to aggressively defend themselves in the court system.

Police said they conducted a search of the New Jersey home after receiving many complaints about the house from people in the neighborhood. There, they reportedly discovered an open-air market featuring a variety of drugs, such as Xanax, ecstasy and cocaine. Authorities said they also found crack cocaine and marijuana at the house.

Police reported that they additionally discovered drug paraphernalia, including plastic baggies, scales and a grinder, at the residence. A handgun was also reportedly recovered there. Police said that various criminal acts, including assaults and a shooting, had previously occurred at the house and that they observed drug deals taking place in the neighborhood. The 10 individuals who were recently arrested in connection with the alleged drug market range in age from 20 to 59. Three of them lived at the home.

When people face serious criminal charges involving drug activity in New Jersey, it is within their rights to proceed to trial to fight these charges. They cannot be convicted until and unless prosecutors prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt in court. A criminal defense attorney will scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence with the goal of identifying holes in their case. The attorney’s ultimate goal in such a situation is to achieve the most personally favorable outcome possible given the circumstances surrounding the defendant’s arrest.