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Child custody dispute can be difficult on the children

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Child Custody

During the process of getting divorced in New Jersey, spouses may understandably feel sad, frustrated and angry. Likewise, the children they share together may feel anxious about the ordeal. This is particularly true if child custody is a sticking point between the parents. However, a couple of tips may assist parents who are in such a situation to help their children to get through the divorce process as unscathed as possible.

First, divorcing parents might want to maintain as normal of a family life as possible during and after the divorce. This may include eating out as a family regularly or watching a local baseball game together. If the parents prefer not to be around each other, they can still do fun activities with the children separately.

Another helpful move for making the divorce easier for the children to handle is to reaffirm for the children that their feelings toward their parents’ marital breakup are valid. The parents can encourage the children to express their thoughts safely and without fear of repercussion. The more open they can be about the experience, the easier it will be for them to heal from it.

A marital dissolution can no doubt be hard on both the parents and the children. Nevertheless, if the parents resolve their child custody situation and other divorce matters through mediation or informal negotiations, this may make the divorce process less stressful for both them and the children. An attorney in New Jersey can help a parent who is getting divorced to navigate this process with confidence. A lawyer can also make sure that a client’s rights and best interests, as well as those of his or her children, are protected long term.