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Divorce process does not have to be hostile

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Divorce

People often envision the process of ending a marriage as a hostile experience that may drive an even bigger wedge between the two parties who have decided to break up. However, it is possible to have a relatively peaceful divorce experience. Here are a couple of mistakes that divorcing couples in New Jersey and elsewhere often make that can keep the divorce process from being an amicable one.

First, people often enter divorce with the goal of winning the battle against the other party rather than finding compassion in the process. The reality is that spouses change over time, so the individual a person marries usually is not the same individual he or she is divorcing. Acknowledging this during the marital breakup may make it easier for both parties to respect each other and keep things as stable as possible for their children.

Second, a mistake that some people make going into divorce is thinking that they will get a sense of emotional justice during this process. The truth is that this rarely happens in a legal proceeding. Because a marital breakup signifies a major life transition, it may lead to feelings of sadness, betrayal, grief and anger. However, speaking with a therapist may help a person to regulate these emotions and thus prevent them from unnecessarily prolonging the divorce proceeding.

Getting divorced is not an easy process no matter how long or short of a time two people have been married. However, a couple can make it easier by trying to resolve their divorce issues on their own without further court intrusion. An attorney in New Jersey can help a divorcing individual to seek a personally beneficial outcome outside of court and even at trial, if necessary, based on his or her particular circumstances.