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Certain steps may be helpful to take prior to seeking divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Divorce

When people first marry, they may understandably expect their love to conquer all of the challenges they may face. However, when difficulties arise, spouses sometimes begin to wonder if getting married was truly a wise move, and they look into getting divorced. However, before filing for divorce, the two parties might want to do a couple of things to see if their relationship is capable of being repaired in New Jersey.

First, it may behoove both spouses to take part in divorce counseling right away. In many cases, though, the couple’s negative behaviors have already become entrenched. This can make it difficult for counselors to effectively deal with the communication problems and resentment that have built up over time between the parties.

Second, the it might be beneficial for the two parties to work on changing themselves where needed rather than concentrating on trying to change the other person. It certainly is possible in this situation for one party to change while the other person remains the same, which will only perpetuate their marital problems. However, it is also possible for the changing spouse to motivate the other person to change as well, in which case their marriage may be reparable.

In many situations, however, divorce is unavoidable because the two spouses have irreconcilable differences. Still, this does not mean that the divorce proceeding has to be wrought with animosity and conflict. The two spouses may take advantage of mediation or negotiation to address their divorce issues, thus avoiding further court intrusion. An attorney can help a spouse to tackle issues such as alimony and asset distribution in the most personally advantageous manner possible in New Jersey.