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Strong criminal defense necessary in cases involving drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Two men in New Jersey have been accused of committing drug crimes. Specifically, they face prescription painkiller and marijuana charges following a traffic stop. A strong criminal defense is important in cases involving drug charges, which can have serious consequences if they end up becoming convictions.

According to police, they saw a man approach a van’s driver’s side near a street and make a drug transaction at around 3:15 p.m. one day. The automobile then reportedly drove away, but police stopped it. Police said when they approached the car, they smelled marijuana.

The driver then allegedly got out of the automobile and was arrested. Police said they found 10 bags of marijuana in an area of the car below the radio. In addition, they reported that they found an Endocet pill on the floor of the car, as well as seven other Endocet pills in the other man’s hand. Police said they believed he had also swallowed a couple more of these pills. A search allegedly turned up 19 of these pills in the driver’s possession along with a marijuana bag in the driver’s crotch area.

The men now face charges of possessing Endocet pills as well as marijuana offenses. They have the option of going to trial to fight the charges, or they may choose to pursue plea agreements, which may lead to lighter charges and thus more lenient sentences than what would be rendered following a finding of guilt at trial. The criminal defense in such a situation in New Jersey will strive for the outcome that is most personally favorable for the defendant, considering the facts surrounding the case.

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