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Cryptocurrency can spark conflict during divorce

During the dissolution of a marriage in New Jersey, a couple may not agree on how to divide their money. One type of currency that may particularly spark debate in a divorce proceeding is cryptocurrency, like bitcoin. The reason for this is that bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrency have grown in popularity in recent years.

Divorce may stem from poor counseling, differing belief systems

Researchers indicate that marital dissolution is not happening as frequently today as it has during the past few decades. However, divorce remains an unavoidable reality for many couples in New Jersey and elsewhere. Survey responses indicate that two factors that are contributing to some divorce situations are insufficient premarital education and belief system differences.

Gray divorce can happen for several reasons

The number of individuals who are getting divorced at older ages is on the rise throughout the United States, including in New Jersey. This is occurring even though the marital dissolution rate has dropped over the past couple of decades. Here is a glimpse at some of the most common reasons for divorce that occurs later in life, or gray divorce.

Marital home can be source of conflict during divorce

Going through the marital dissolution process is often a stressful experience. One of the major points of contention among divorcing spouses is how to handle the family home. Here are a couple of options for addressing the family home during a divorce in New Jersey.

Divorce process does not have to be hostile in New Jersey

Getting divorced can be a tumultuous time for the entire family. When the two parties getting divorced are experiencing anger, this can make the divorce process even harder to stomach. However, a few tips may make it easier for people to experience relatively peaceful marital breakups in New Jersey.

The pain of divorce can be minimized

Couples in New Jersey usually do not enter marriage expecting to later break up. However, according to research, between 40% and 50% of United States married couples do get divorced. Even though divorce can understandably be challenging, some tips might make the process less painful for those involved.

Divorce can be complicated for business people

Business people in New Jersey usually do not get married believing that their marriage will come to an end one day. Unfortunately, sometimes, divorce is inevitable. Here are a couple of steps people can take to protect themselves in the event that they get divorced.

Researchers examine age that many people end up getting a divorce

In New Jersey and elsewhere, most people marry with the expectation that they will stay united. The reality, though, is that marriages don't always last. Statistics suggest that close to 50 percent of them result in divorce proceedings. Here is a look at what age many married individuals today might end up experiencing divorce.

Mistakes made in divorce can have negative financial consequences

Outside of child custody, money is typically one of a divorcing couple's biggest areas of contention in New Jersey. This is true whether two people have a wealth of assets to split or do not have many high-value assets. Unfortunately, making ill-informed financial decisions during a divorce proceeding may have negative consequences long term. Here is glimpse at two mistakes that can be particularly problematic from a money standpoint.

New Year can be emotionally challenging following divorce

The New Year can spark a wide of feelings in those celebrating it in New Jersey. However, this is especially the case for those who have gone through divorce. After all, although this holiday can be a happy time with family and friends, it may also remind recently divorced individuals of the bittersweet marital breakups they have experienced. However, a few tips may help these individuals to make the most of the coming New Year.

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