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Criminal defense may help man facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Drug Crimes

A man in New Jersey was recently accused of committing a drug crime. His arrest took place after authorities reportedly caught him engaging in a drug deal with his toddler daughter in his motor vehicle with him. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary for him to prevail in this type of case.

Police said they saw the man, 36, driving a car at a little past noon on a Wednesday. However, they decided to stop the car, as a detective allegedly knew that the man’s license had been suspended. Before stopping him, police reportedly saw him conduct a transaction with another person involving drugs.

Authorities eventually stopped the man and reportedly discovered 500 bags filled with heroin inside his car. His daughter, 2, was with him at that time. The man was then arrested, but not before the man reportedly kicked a detective and officer. The man faces several charges, including possessing a drug resisting arrest and child endangerment.

In light of his New Jersey arrest, the man now has a couple of options. The first option is to proceed to trial to aggressively fight the criminal charges. At trial, prosecutors must prove the man’s charges beyond a reasonable doubt — a high standard that exists with the goal of protecting innocent individuals from being convicted of crimes that they did not do. Alternatively, the man can seek to negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution, which may lead to lighter charges and thus a more lenient sentence for the man. A criminal defense attorney can educate the man on the best option for him given the circumstances surrounding the case.