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Strong criminal defense may help man facing drug, weapons charges

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Criminal Defense

A man in New Jersey was recently taken into custody for allegedly committing weapon and drug crimes. The man’s arrest came after police searched his home and found marijuana and a gun there. A strong criminal defense will likely be necessary to fight these charges in criminal court.

Police said that, after an investigation lasting two months, they executed warrants on the man’s car and home. Following the searches, police reportedly seized a large amount of drug paraphernalia and marijuana intended for distribution. Authorities said they also discovered cash totaling $3,800. They also reportedly found a handgun on the man’s property.

The man, 34, has submitted a guilty plea to possessing and intending to distribute over an ounce of the drug marijuana, along with illegally possessing a firearm. Prosecutors will seek seven years behind prison bars with a parole ineligibility period of 42 months for the man’s drug charge. They will furthermore seek a sentence of five years without parole for his firearm charge.

The man may proceed to trial to fight his drug and weapons charges. At trial, prosecutors must prove his charges beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can be handed down. Alternatively, the man may seek a plea deal with prosecutors in an effort to secure lighter charges and thus a more lenient sentence than what would result from a guilty verdict at trial. Either way, a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey will push for the most personally favorable outcome for the client, given the circumstances surrounding his arrest.