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Divorce growing among older generation

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Divorce

In modern society, research shows that a growing number of people who are getting divorced are older individuals, not younger people. The reason for this is that many empty-nesters suffer from less-than-ideal marriages and begin to view divorce as a way in which to improve their lives. Let’s delve more deeply into why divorce is becoming more prominent among senior couples in New Jersey and elsewhere.

As a general rule of thumb, people’s life expectancies are much longer today compared with years ago. In light of this, many older individuals see themselves living for another three decades after 60, rather than just another 10 years, for example. Therefore, if they are not happy in their current marriages, they are willing to get divorced with the hope of finding better partners for them for the decades ahead.

In addition to the above, many women today are generating their own incomes. As a result, they are financially capable of living independently and thus do not feel bound to their spouses. They therefore see divorce as a way to break free from their marriages and live independently and freely if they do not feel that marriage is adding value to their lives.

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce for older individuals, however, is the division of property. The reason for this is that older couples are more likely to have a significant number of assets to divide compared with their younger counterparts. However, an attorney can help a senior citizen who is going through divorce to assertively pursue his or her fair share of marital assets in New Jersey.