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Child custody tips might make divorce easier

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2020 | Child Custody

Getting divorced can certainly be tough on two adults, but it can be just as emotionally difficult for their young children. However, how the parents handle the divorce process can have a major impact on how the children end up coping with it. Here are some important steps for parents to take when navigating child custody during the divorce process in New Jersey.

For starters, it is generally a wise move for divorcing parents to allow each other to see the children without restrictions. They may want to take this into consideration when deciding where exactly to live following the divorce. Of course, this principle would not apply in a situation where the other parent has been known to abuse the children.

In addition, the parents should ideally try to get along with each other as well as possible. The better their ability to act respectfully toward each other, the easier it will be for the children to handle the marital breakup. This means not making disparaging remarks about the other party when the children are present, for example.

If two divorcing parents in New Jersey are able to see eye to eye on how to handle child custody and child visitation, they could work on producing a parenting plan that reflects both of their wishes. This would eliminate the need to go to divorce trial and thus may make the divorce process less stressful for the entire family. An attorney can help a person who is going through divorce to pursue a just settlement with the other party while putting both the client’s and the children’s best interests at the center of the divorce proceeding.