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Tips may make dealing with child custody easier for the family

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Child Custody

Getting a divorce can quickly spark a wide range of conflicting emotions in both the parents and the young children involved. The children may especially feel torn if they find themselves caught in the middle of a child custody war. However, parents may help their children through this process in a few ways in New Jersey.

First, the parents may want to encourage their children to talk to somebody about how they are feeling. For instance, the parents could arrange for their children to a see a therapist or even the school counselor. Speaking honestly about how they are feeling can help them to avoid repressing their feelings, which will only cause more physical and emotional health problems for them down the road.

Second, parents who are getting divorced may want to explain to their children that the children are not to blame for the divorce. Reassuring the children that they do not have control over the parents’ marriage may help them to overcome their feelings of guilt and accept the transition more easily. In addition, they may avoid going on secret missions to reunite the family down the road.

If possible, parents who are getting divorced may want to try to resolve divorce issues like child custody outside of court, as going through divorce litigation can be stressful for both the parents and the children. Through mediation or negotiation, they may be able to form a child custody agreement that takes into consideration both parents’ wishes and the children’s best interests. An attorney in New Jersey can help a divorcing spouse through the process of creating such an agreement, making sure that his or her rights are protected each step of the way.