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Grey divorce can present special challenges

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Divorce

A long marriage is a sign that two people love each other enough to fight through the difficult times they’ve faced. Some people think that once they’re measuring the marriage in decades that they aren’t at risk of a divorce. The truth is that even long marriages can end.

In many cases, the reasons for the divorce have been festering in the relationship for a long time. While people may think that the sudden empty nest is a factor, the couple spending time alone simply highlights how far apart they’ve grown.

Financial matters are challenging

Younger people who divorce have more time to make up income and retirement savings than older individuals. By the time a grey divorce occurs, the couple may have to divide retirement accounts and have considerable assets amassed. The property division process can be difficult in these cases, but the parties also have to think about what life is going to entail after the divorce.

Individuals in this position need to take a close look at their finances when they’re going through a divorce. They will have to make ends meet on their income, which is a big change for those who were part of a two-income household and those who were dependent upon their spouse for support.

Adult children might struggle

For adult children, finding out that their parents are divorcing is hard. Some think that adult children won’t be affected like younger children, but they likely will still struggle. For the ones who are out of the house, the issue that may creep up is that they haven’t ever known their parents apart. This can cause them to struggle with adapting to the change in relationships.

Emotions are intense

The emotions that come with divorce are usually intense, and they can be very unexpected. A person who initiates a divorce might not think that they will feel sadness or anger, so these come as a surprise. No matter what feelings you have at the end of the marriage, you should address them head-on so that you can move forward with your life.

Anyone facing a grey divorce should prepare to look at all their options for property division. Pursuing you best interests in these cases might mean that you have to turn to firm methods that make your intentions clear. Working with a team that’s prepared to push for you is often beneficial.