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Divorce filings expected to increase after the first of the year

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Divorce

There are many reasons why a couple may choose to end their marriage, and some of these reasons come to light or are more apparent during the holiday season. As a result, many couples opt to file for divorce just after the New Year. People often refer to January as “Divorce Month” due to the significant uptick in filings after the Christmas season is over.

It’s typically not just the holiday season that causes a couple to decide to divorce, however, the stress of this time of year can certainly add pressure to an already troubled marriage. Parents who are planning to divorce may decide to wait until after the holidays are over to provide their kids with one last festive season together. Others may realize that they do not want to go through this time of year with their partner again. There are many personal and unique factors that affect a New Jersey couple’s decision to divorce.

Divorce is not always a fast process. In order to complete the process before the next holiday season comes around, a couple may want to proceed with a filing as soon as possible in January. By filing this early in the year, some couples could be finished by the summer. Knowing that a divorce is on the horizon, a person can start taking steps to prepare his or her finances and other areas of life for changes and adjustments.

The decision to divorce will impact virtually every area of a person’s life. If planning to file in January, it is worthwhile for a New Jersey adult to take the time to learn about his or her legal options and how to get ready for what is ahead. It may be helpful to secure the assistance of an experienced legal ally during the preparation stage.