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Tips may help with sharing divorce news with children

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Divorce

Just as dissolving a marriage in New Jersey is not an easy process for two adults, it can be quite difficult for their children to grasp as well. In some cases, children erroneously believe that they caused their parents’ divorce, so they feel guilty. In other cases, they grow to resent one of the parents or even both parties as a result of the divorce. Here are some tips for sharing divorce news with children in the easiest manner possible.

For starters, the two divorcing parents may want to work together to share the news about their divorce with their children. As an example, they can use family dinner time to break this news. Bringing up this topic in a group setting is wise because it will allow all parties to publicize how they feel about it and promote an open dialogue. In addition, the two parents can demonstrate to their children that they will strive to continue to act in a civil way as they proceed with the divorce.

In addition, the two individuals would be wise not to blame each other for the divorce. Of course, not playing the blame game may be difficult if the divorce happened due to adultery, for example. However, casting blame on each other will only inflame the situation and make it even more challenging for the children to process it.

The best scenario for divorcing parents is to tackle issues like child custody during divorce negotiation or mediation, rather than through traditional divorce litigation. The reason for this is that litigation tends to be more expensive, time-consuming and stressful compared with creating a parenting agreement outside of court. An attorney can guide a divorcing parent through the process of pursuing a fair and comprehensive settlement with the other party in New Jersey.