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Child custody and co-parenting do not have to cause conflict

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Child Custody

One of the most challenging aspects of getting divorced when children are involved may be dealing with the other parent. In some cases, a future co-parent can be relatively easy to get along with, but in many other cases involving child custody, the opposite is true. However, a few tips may help divorcing parents in New Jersey to make the most of their interactions with their future exes.

For starters, it is possible to rear happy children even if one minimizes contact with the other parent. This is because the two parents do not necessarily have to talk often to make co-parenting work. Rather, it is imperative that they set clear boundaries and that they promote open dialogue when they do have something to discuss. Being flexible in the relationship while also using consistent parenting styles and rules in both parents’ homes is also helpful.

In addition, it is a wise idea to use online tools to keep both parents, as well as the children, organized when it comes to schedules. For example, custody calendars and expense trackers online can help with tracking the children’s activity times and the parents’ relevant expense information, respectively. When co-parenting is approached in a healthy manner, children who experience divorce can live well-adjusted and happy lives.

The best scenario when it comes to dealing with child custody and visitation during divorce is for the two parents to seek to find common ground at the negotiation table. In this situation, they can create their own parenting agreement without further court intrusion. An attorney in New Jersey can provide the guidance that a divorcing parent needs to draft a fair and comprehensive agreement with the other party.