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Temper flares can lead to gun crimes

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Weapons Crimes

Games are usually played in good fun. They represent an opportunity for friends to get together and enjoy spending time in each other’s company in New Jersey. When games are played, there are winners and losers. On occasion, a person who loses may not take it well, and tempers can flare; unfortunately, this can occasionally result in the commission of gun crimes.

A group of five friends had gotten together one summer evening to enjoy a dice game. One of them was about to head off on the beginning of a new career as a chef with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. An apparent argument broke out as the night progressed. Angry words were spoken, and shots were fired.

The chef was not involved in playing the game but was friends with two of the four other men in the group. When shots broke out, one of the shooters allegedly aimed at the chef and hit him. He died as a result of his wounds. The two alleged shooters are believed to be members of a gang and face up to 30 years in prison if convicted of murder charges.

People often have tempers, and occasionally, a person may lose his or her temper in such a way that he or she acts out of control. Gun crimes can stem from such loss of control. A person in such a situation may not be aware of all of one’s rights and could possibly benefit from seeking professional counsel. A person facing charges in New Jersey is always presumed innocent until and unless proved guilty in a court of law.