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Research shows divorce more common at end of summer

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Divorce

As the summer season draws to an end in the next few weeks, many more couples may opt to quickly end their marriages in New Jersey and elsewhere. This is because research shows that the rate of divorce consistently peaks when summer ends. Here are a few reasons why late summer appears to be a popular time to get divorced.

First, in some cases, married couples think that the summer season will help them to repair their marriages, but they quickly realize that divorce is inevitable due to unresolved issues. Summer may also highlight marital issues because extra emphasis is often placed on bonding with family members during the summer months. In addition, divorce may happen in late summer because new empty-nesters may find themselves reevaluating their marriages once their children begin college.

Another reason why some people get divorced later in the summer is that they want to give their children one final family memory. An August divorce is also helpful for giving children some valuable time to get used to their parents’ divorce before school starts in the fall. Finally, people may find it easier to meet new love interests during the summer, which may spark their desire for divorce.

No matter when divorce happens, it can be tough for all parties involved. However, if two divorcing individuals in New Jersey can find common ground when it comes to matters like asset distribution, they may be able to reach a settlement outside of court rather than going to trial. Still, in either situation, an attorney will push for the most personally beneficial outcome for the client in light of his or her divorce situation.