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A little preparation can go a long way in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | Divorce

Ending a marriage in New Jersey is a challenge, especially considering the financial and emotional complexities involved. However, being aware of and prepared for the divorce process can help to make the experience more palatable. Here is a look at a couple of valuable steps in preparing for the end of a marriage.

For starters, having a solid understanding of one’s financial situation is crucial. Review household financial documents, including bank account statements, mortgage information and tax returns. The more of this information that is gathered, studied and understood, the greater the chances become of achieving the desired property division outcome.

In addition, it is critical that people who are approaching divorce have an idea of where they will live once things get underway. For example, they could try to keep their marital homes, or they could secure other housing and instead pursue other marital assets. Their decisions will directly impact the outcome of the property division process and, in turn, their decision about where any children of the parties will live post-divorce.

The best-case scenario is for the parties to come to an agreement on divorce issues like child custody and property division. This will allow them to settle the proceedings outside of court, which is usually less stressful and costly than traditional divorce litigation. Of course, sometimes going to trial is unavoidable, in which case an attorney in New Jersey can litigate any unresolved issues. In either scenario, the attorney will focus on securing an outcome that is in the client’s best interests.