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Job loss can complicate divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2019 | Divorce

Experiencing the dissolution of a marriage can understandably be immensely stressful. However, going through a divorce while simultaneously undergoing a sudden job loss can be even more overwhelming from both an emotional and a financial perspective. A couple of tips can help divorcing individuals in New Jersey to navigate divorce and job loss at the same time.

Job loss can easily occur during divorce due to a company layoff. In this situation, it is important that people who have lost their jobs demonstrate to the court that they are trying to secure employment again. In the meantime, their employed future ex-spouses may be required by the court to provide them with more spousal support until they are re-employed.

The goal of the court in such a situation is to make sure that families can maintain the lifestyles they were used to before the divorce happened. This is especially the case when children are involved. If the two spouses are able to create a support agreement, they can include in it a sliding scale or formula to make sure that the paying spouse will not be unduly burdened.

Although divorce can no doubt be a complicated process, particularly at a time of job loss, two divorcing parties may make the ordeal easier to deal with by resolving their divorce matters outside of court rather than going to divorce trial. The reason for this is that divorce negotiation or mediation is often less stressful and costly than traditional divorce litigation. Still, an attorney can provide a divorcing individual with the guidance that he or she needs to achieve a personally favorable outcome in either setting in New Jersey.