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3 New Jersey men facing drug crimes, needing criminal defense

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Drug Crimes

A recent police search of a home in Atlantic City, New Jersey, uncovered a cache of illegal drugs. Now, three men who were residents of the house stand accused of a number of drug crimes. As these charges carry serious penalties upon conviction, each man is likely determining his options for an effective criminal defense.

The police search occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, March 28, at a home on Magellan Avenue. Authorities allegedly discovered a stash of illegal drugs, including 364 baggies containing heroin, marijuana in the amount of 136 grams, an ounce of what authorities believe is cocaine and cash totaling $1,800. The report did not specify why authorities conducted their search of the home in the first place.

Three men in the home were placed under arrest. Their ages were listed as 26, 35 and 28. They now face charges including possession with intent to distribute as well as possession of a controlled dangerous substance. The report states that each was released on a summons.

As is their constitutional right, all of the accused are entitled to defense counsel, and each is presumed innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until convicted in a court of law. These types of drug charges are very serious, and each man could face a long prison term if convicted. Considering the potential consequences to their freedom and future, each man would do well to obtain the counsel of a competent criminal defense attorney in New Jersey to help protect their rights and fight the charges they face.