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Divorce may stem from poor counseling, differing belief systems

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Divorce

Researchers indicate that marital dissolution is not happening as frequently today as it has during the past few decades. However, divorce remains an unavoidable reality for many couples in New Jersey and elsewhere. Survey responses indicate that two factors that are contributing to some divorce situations are insufficient premarital education and belief system differences.

Many couples go through premarital education with the hopes of avoiding divorce down the road. However, survey respondents recently asserted that counseling before marriage might not always be adequate. Premarital counseling sessions may offer tips for resolving conflict and communicating effectively in a marriage. However, the survey respondents said that these sessions do not lay out the marital phases that couples must endure over time.

Religious differences are also a major problem for many couples, as they can cause conflict regarding how they would like to rear their children. For this reason, people who are not on the same page religiously may have a greater likelihood of getting divorced. In light of this, it might not come as a surprise that about 70 percent of survey respondents recently said that they are in same-faith marriages.

No matter a couple’s reasons for getting divorced, one thing is for certain: divorce issues, such as property distribution and child custody, can be difficult to navigate on one’s own. Fortunately, a divorce attorney can help a person who is going through this type of family law proceeding to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable. An attorney can help a client in New Jersey make educated decisions and provide guidance on avoiding negative long-term implications on his or her future.