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New Year can be emotionally challenging following divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Divorce

The New Year can spark a wide of feelings in those celebrating it in New Jersey. However, this is especially the case for those who have gone through divorce. After all, although this holiday can be a happy time with family and friends, it may also remind recently divorced individuals of the bittersweet marital breakups they have experienced. However, a few tips may help these individuals to make the most of the coming New Year.

First, being intentional is critical. This may mean creating special experiences with the children, or it may mean finally completing past-due projects or simply resting. Recently divorced individuals would be wise to record their biggest priorities for the New Year and then work on fulfilling them.

Second, it may be helpful for those who are divorced to realize that they are not the only ones who are single. After all, research shows that 110 million adults in the United States are not married. This is equivalent to 45 percent of people over 18. Those who are not married can still keep their historical routines and family traditions alive during the holiday while making some adaptations where appropriate.

Getting a divorce can understandably be emotionally challenging. However, the best scenario when it comes to divorce is for two spouses to resolve their issues through mediation or negotiation, thus avoiding further court intrusion. This not only helps to cut down on conflict during the divorce process but also it helps to reduce animosity and fights following the divorce, including during the holidays. An attorney in New Jersey can provide the direction needed to navigate the divorce process outside of court — and in court, if necessary — with confidence.