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Sinaloan men will need strong criminal defense in court

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Drug Crimes

New Jersey prosecutors often receive tips regarding ongoing drug investigations. Recent information was reportedly provided to let them know that two men were allegedly planning to travel to Bergen County with a substantial amount of illegal drugs. The informer also supposedly told the prosecutor’s office that the men intended to distribute the drugs. This led to events unfolding that prompted a need for criminal defense for the two men in question, as they now both sit in a county jail.

The men are both from Sinaloa, a sovereign state in the northwestern part of Mexico. One is age 36, the other 26. The two travelers were in Hasbrouck Heights when law enforcement officers made their move to arrest them.

Police say they seized more than three kilos of heroin, 13 kilos of crystal meth and more than 6,000 fentanyl tablets, as well as several pounds of raw fentanyl. The estimated street value of the alleged drugs is $3 million. In situations like this, it is not enough for police to claim to have found illegal drugs in someone’s possession; prosecutors who file charges will need to prove to the court that the supposed evidence gathered is, in fact, the drugs authorities claim them to be.

Beyond that, prosecutors also need to prove that the men were indeed in possession of the drugs with the intent to distribute them in New Jersey. Each man is guaranteed the opportunity to present a criminal defense against the charges. Although both men were arrested in connection with the same incident, it does not necessarily mean the outcome of each man’s adjudication process will be the same. Relying on experienced legal representation is a wise choice most drug crime defendants make.