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Follow these tips to have a successful divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Divorce

Making the decision to end your marriage is the first step in a long and complicated process. Maneuvering through the process might even feel like walking a tightrope at times. A misstep can cost you when it comes time to deal with major issues like marital property division and custody.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your interests during the divorce process. Other than establishing a strong support system and securing sound advice, the following divorce tips can help you have a successful divorce.

Get your finances in order

A big part of your divorce is going to center around your and your husband’s finances. This means that you will need a clear picture of your financial standing. To form this picture, you will need to gather and organize all your financial documents. In other words, you will need an accurate list of what you own and what you owe.

Figure out your current income

You will also need to determine what your and your spouse’s current income is as well as your future expected earnings. You might need to gather the most recent pay stubs that you and your husband have received and a copy of your most recent tax return.

Make a budget

Your post-divorce cost of living may play a significant role in determining if you should receive alimony or spousal support. Create a realistic budget to use as a tool to argue for the amount of marital property you should receive as part of the settlement and to back up your claims for requesting alimony.

Establish credit

If you and your spouse have always had joint credit card accounts, now is the time to strike out on your own and apply for a credit card solely in your name. You will need to establish your own line of credit if you intend to make any large purchases in the future, such as a new car or house.

Keep a low profile

During the divorce process, assume that your soon-to-be ex-husband’s attorney is going to put your life under a microscope. This means you should avoid the temptation to start dating or celebrate your impending freedom. Instead, keep a low profile and stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Spend time with your friends, family and children and suppress your wild side until you have a signed divorce decree in your hands.

If you have decided to divorce, it is important to take certain steps to protect your interests. The above tips can help you during the process so that you stand a better chance of receiving the divorce settlement you deserve.