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Particular risk factors increase a couple’s chances of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2018 | Divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can happen for a variety of reasons in New Jersey. However, researchers say that certain risk factors increase a couple’s chances of experiencing divorce. Here is a glimpse at a couple of these risk factors.

First, a couple has a high likelihood of getting divorced if the wife makes less money initially but then receives a promotion after walking down the aisle. This is according to a white paper that researchers wrote this year. The researchers discovered that the same was not true for men who earned promotions after becoming married, however.

Second, people who cohabitated with past partners before getting married apparently increase their chances of getting divorced later on. In fact, they actually double their chances of going through a marital breakup. This shows that moving in with a romantic partner very well may be as major of a step as many people deem it.

Although people get divorced for a wide variety of reasons, one thing is for certain: the process is far from pleasant. However, those going through divorce may increase their chances of having an amicable breakup by opting to go through negotiation or mediation rather than traditional divorce litigation. These processes are generally less expensive and less stressful than going to trial. An attorney can provide the necessary guidance for navigating these processes in a manner that is as personally beneficial as possible in New Jersey. The attorney’s ultimate goal is to make sure that one’s best interests and rights are protected during each stage of this type of family law proceeding.

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