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New Jersey man may want a strong criminal defense for drug charge

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Drug Crimes

One man was recently arrested following a traffic stop that led to drug charges and a hospital visit. He was allegedly found to be in possession of heroin during and after his arrest. A strong criminal defense may be helpful to the man, who now faces drug-related fraud and traffic charges in New Jersey.

His problems allegedly began when he was observed speeding on a local road by a police officer. He sped by the cop and then attempted to switch seats after the vehicle stopped. It was reported that the man initially gave a fake name; the 24-year-old was later booked on an outstanding warrant. The fate of the other person in the car was not mentioned in the news report.

During the initial arrest, police say that they found six bags of heroin and 13 more empty bags with residue, leading to a drug arrest for the individual. Once he was at the county jail and was being booked, the man then apparently vomited up several more baggies of heroin contained in a larger bag. The final count for the number of baggies he vomited up was 32.

After the vomiting incident, the New Jersey man was taken to the local hospital. He was returned to the jail and is likely contemplating his options for defense. Many others like him have faced similar drug charges in the past and have benefited from a strong criminal defense. An experienced attorney could potentially provide guidance in creating a solid defense against criminal charges.

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