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Criminal defense on tap for men facing LSD distribution charges

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2018 | Drug Crimes

Two men were recently arrested in New Jersey in connection with the distribution of drugs. Specifically, they were allegedly distributing LSD. A strong criminal defense may help these men to protect their reputations and their futures in light of the serious criminal accusations made against them.

The arrests took place following an undercover police investigation. One of the men reportedly sold LSD to a person who was cooperating with a drug task force. In addition, the other man is accused of selling the drug to the first man at the first man’s home.

The first man then reportedly sold the drug to an undercover agent at his home. Both men’s homes and motor vehicles were later searched, after which they were placed under arrest. The two individuals, ages 34 and 43, each currently face charges of LSD distribution in the first degree after allegedly distributing over 100 milligrams of the drug (two counts). If they end up being convicted of the crimes, they may spend up to two decades behind prison bars.

The two men have the right to proceed to trial to fight the drug charges, if they choose to do so. No conviction is possible if the prosecution fails to prove each element of the charges in court and beyond a reasonable doubt — a requirement that is difficult to meet. A criminal defense attorney in New Jersey will search for holes in the prosecution’s evidence in an effort to attain the most favorable outcome for the client given the circumstances surrounding the criminal case.  This case may involve issues of entrapment and suppression of evidence, as well as a motion to reveal the identity of the “cooperating witness” or confidential informant.   It is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney who has a reputation of an aggressive and seasoned certified criminal trial attorney.

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