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Divorce can be confusing both financially and emotionally

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2018 | Divorce

One of the toughest parts of going through a marital breakup is facing an unknown future. After all, divorce is all about untangling two lives both emotionally and financially so that both parties can go their separate ways. However, having a good idea of one’s financial situation may help to make the transition to singe life easier in New Jersey.

Those going through divorce would be wise to examine the amount of debt for which they will be responsible after the divorce. Another important financial move is to calculate any child-related expenses they must cover. For those who have to pay child support or make alimony payments, these are other important costs to add into a new spreadsheet budget as well.

In addition to studying their finances, those navigating divorce may want to pay special attention to their jobs as well. Perhaps they are truly unhappy with their current careers. Now might be a wise time to regroup and possibly explore other job fields that will make them feel more personally satisfied as they deal with the unavoidable negative emotions that come with divorce.

Getting a divorce in New Jersey can be an overwhelming ordeal, but divorcing spouses can feel more in control of the process when they engage in informal negotiations with each other rather than going to trial. During negotiation, the two parties can work toward a mutually beneficial settlement that fairly reflects both sides’ wishes and needs. Negotiation tends to lead to a faster divorce resolution than what is possible with divorce litigation, and it is also typically less stressful than going to trial. However, if negotiation is unfruitful, a divorcing couple will have to depend on a judge to decide for them how to handle important matters such as asset distribution to spousal support.

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