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Strong criminal defense may help 5 arrested on drug charges

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Drug Crimes

Five individuals have been taken into custody for selling drugs in New Jersey. Their arrests took place following a police investigation spanning two months. A strong criminal defense is necessary to effectively fight these types of criminal charges in the state’s criminal justice system.

According to police, the five arrested parties took part in a large-scale distribution network involving cocaine and heroin/fentanyl. Police said they issued search warrants at three separate locations and then conducted a drug raid. At the locations they searched, more than half a kilogram of cocaine was reportedly seized, along with a couple hundred grams of crack cocaine.

Also allegedly seized were amounts of MDMA and heroin. In addition, police said they seized multiple ounces of fentanyl. Police said they furthermore uncovered a facility used to manufacture and package heroin at one of the locations. More than $210,000 and a handgun that was loaded were also reportedly recovered. The individuals who were arrested on drug charges in connection with these locations — two men and three women — range in ages from 19 to 51.

If appropriate to their circumstances, an experienced criminal defense attorney will review the discovery with their client and begin to prepare a defense to the charges.  The attorney will determine whether pre-trial motions should be filed.  The motions may include a motion to suppress seized evidence, a motion to suppress any statements given by the client, discovery motions and motions to dismiss counts of the indictment.

Prior to the pre-trial conference, plea negotiations will begin.  A skilled attorney will work hard to obtain a plea bargain that is acceptable to the client.  The client will then decide whether to accept the plea or proceed to trial.

Every individual has the right to proceed to trial, where the prosecution must provide the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, with evidence that meets the New Jersey criminal justice system’s exacting requirements.

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