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Criminal defense may help man facing a multitude of charges

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Drug Crimes

A man who was arrested in New Jersey now faces multiple charges, including some related to drugs. However, according to police, his arrest came after he first gave them a number of excuses concerning his possession. A strong criminal defense may help him to aggressively fight the multitude of charges.

Police said they received a couple of 911 calls at about 1 p.m. on a Wednesday. The first caller told police that a man was asleep inside a vehicle along a road. Meanwhile, the second caller reported that the man tossed an item out of the car’s window.

Police went to the location of the man’s car and saw that he had a temporary license plate for the state of New Jersey. However, his temporary registration apparently failed to match the car he was in; instead, it was linked to another automobile. When authorities approached the 30-year-old man, he reportedly told police that he had done nothing wrong and that his boyfriend had called him to that location.

When asked about the registration discrepancy, the man told police that his father had purchased the car for him and that he did not know about the registration issue. Police said they then smelled marijuana coming from the automobile. When they searched the car, they reportedly found marijuana in a glass jar, a machine that reads credit cards, bank checks written to various people, a substance they believed was methamphetamine, a scale and small bags.

The man ended up being charged with drug possession, having a fake license plate and possessing drug paraphernalia, among other charges. However, he is presumed innocent until and unless the government can prove his charges beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal defense attorney will review the discovery, interview the client and will aggressively resolve the case in an effort to get the most favorable disposition for the client. This often requires numerous conversations with the Assistant Prosecutor assigned to the case and the filing of pre-trial motions if warranted.

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