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Certain steps are important to take during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Divorce

Although falling in love can be so easy, the opposite is true for ending a marriage. The divorce process in New Jersey can be difficult even when the circumstances surrounding the family law proceeding are relatively amicable. A few tips may help with making wise decisions when going through divorce.

First, being cooperative and reasonable when dealing with a soon-to-be-ex is paramount, as being reasonable increases a couple’s chances of achieving easier and quicker results in a divorce case. Part of this includes disclosing all property and assets with one’s future ex. This is critical because courts may rightfully throw out divorce decrees that are based on deception, thus requiring divorced spouses to go back to court even years following the finalizing of their divorces.

Another important move during divorce is to support the children throughout the process. The divorce process is generally harder on the children than it is on the parents, as the children naturally feel helpless and unsure about the reason for the marital split-up and how it will impact their futures. Making the children choose sides is one of the most detrimental things a parent can do to a child of divorce.

Although divorce can be a challenging ordeal, it may be easier if two spouses can find common ground at the negotiation table or during mediation rather than going to trial. Through an alternative dispute resolution process, the two spouses can work toward a mutually satisfactory agreement without further court intrusion. If this is not possible, a judge in New Jersey will have to make the final decisions for them regarding matters such as property division and child custody.

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