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Mediation may benefit couples during divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2017 | Divorce

The process of a marital split-up in New Jersey can be harsh due to the mental, emotional and financial toll it can take on both parties. However, making matters even worse is if the couple has to go through a bitter, drawn-out battle at trial. An alternative to going through divorce litigation is to embrace divorce mediation.

With mediation, two spouses who would like to divorce have meetings with a third party neutral, who serves as their mediator. The two spouses will talk about how to handle a variety of divorce matters, such as the distribution of assets and who should get custody of the children. A mediator’s goal is to arrive at a solution that pleases both sides.

If the couple are unable to reach their own divorce settlement or create their own parenting agreement, further court intrusion is inevitable. They will have to go to trial to have a judge make final decisions for them regarding the matters they are unable to resolve on their own. Unfortunately, the judge’s decisions may not exactly be what they would have wanted for themselves.

A major benefit of mediation compared with going to trial is that it is less stressful and costly. In addition, the couple can arrive at a resolution much faster, and they may also be able to experience better closure since the process is typically more amicable than going to trial. A divorce attorney in New Jersey can provide guidance during the mediation process or at trial, if necessary, in an effort to ensure that one’s desires are ultimately achieved.

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