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Social media has contributed to rising divorce rate

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Divorce

As couples in New Jersey wrap up their summer vacations and head into the fall season, they may be seriously contemplating getting divorced. After all, perhaps they have had irreconcilable differences for a while, and their summer vacations made them realize they simply cannot overcome these differences. A couple of facts are important to know when it comes to getting a divorce.

First, the internet and social media have caused the divorce rate to rise. Part of the reason for this is that social media has made it so easy for people to reconnect or connect with others — for instance, discovering old flames on Facebook or finding new people on Tinder. Unfortunately, the social media people enjoy using may also be killing their marriages.

Another important consideration is that women and men view the dissolution of a marriage quite differently. Men usually approach the divorce process with a focus on efficiency and moving quickly. Meanwhile, women usually need more space and time for processing their emotions. Not understanding men’s and women’s different approaches to divorce can end up making the divorce process more complicated.

Divorce can be difficult both financially and emotionally no matter how long a marriage has lasted. However, two spouses who are going through divorce may be able to lessen its blow by assuming control of the proceeding at the negotiation table, rather than going through traditional divorce litigation. Through negotiation, it may be possible for the couple to quickly achieve a mutually satisfactory settlement so that they can move forward with their separate lives in New Jersey.

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