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Fight for your freedom after a robbery arrest

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Summer is officially here in Atlantic City and throughout New Jersey, which usually means more tourists and, usually, an increase in arrests on theft or robbery charges. If you find yourself facing theft or robbery charges, it is crucial to your future that you consult with an experienced, aggressive defense attorney to build the strongest defense you can.

Recently, a woman was arrested in Newark on several serious charges including assault, conspiracy, weapons charges and robbery. However, three other individuals were also involved in the incident, and police are still searching for them.

At first glance, this woman’s situation seems pretty dire, but with proper representation she has more options than she may think. No matter what charges you may face, an aggressive defense can help you examine all of the details to find ways to protect your rights and fight for your freedom.

Get the help you need to build a strong defense

Every case is more complex and nuanced than any headline or a few paragraphs of reporting can express. Even if you feel like the evidence against you is very strong, an experienced attorney can help you look at your case from a different perspective.

Often, the arresting officers in a robbery case may not follow proper procedures in the way that they detain or question you, or other procedural technicalities that can give you leverage. An experienced attorney understands how to use the mistakes of law enforcement (or, in some cases, their willfully unlawful and discriminatory practices) to fight for your freedom.

Even if you did take part in the acts that the police charged you with, an experienced attorney understands that very few people who commit robbery do so out of a desire to harm someone maliciously. In reality, there is often some other motivation at work, which your defense can use to help avoid an unfair punishment.

If you acted under pressure from another person, or if you suffer from some form of mental illness, your defense can highlight these facts and use them to create a more accurate account of what truly happened.

In the case of the woman recently arrested in Newark, three other individuals fled in the scene and left her to catch all the blame. A skilled defense may argue that the woman acted because of undue influence. It is also possible that the prosecution may dismiss charges or offer some other compromise if the woman agrees to share information that leads to the capture of the other individuals involved in the incident.

Don’t wait to build your defense

Each robbery case is different, so it is crucial that you begin building your personalized defense as soon as you can. Each day that you wait to begin is one more day that the state has to build a case against you.

With the guidance of an experienced, aggressive attorney, you can rest assured that your rights remain secure as you explore the nuances of building a personalized defense to protect your future and freedom.