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Police sting results in 16 drug and gun trafficker arrests

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Drug Crimes

Thursday, March 30, 2017 marked the start of a very productive week for local, state and federal law enforcement in and around Atlantic County, New Jersey, as they arrested more than 16 in what they are referring to as a drug and gun trafficking ring. The arrests made resulted in the confiscation of not only in excess of 10,000 bags of the deadly opiates heroin and fentanyl, but 21 weapons as well.

Of the total of five search warrants executed that resulted in the discovery of the 21 weapons referenced above, all types of guns including automatic weapons, handguns and rifles were confiscated. In addition to the 10,000 bags of the deadly drugs fentanyl and heroin, more than 10 ounces of cocaine were also found. The arrest of these individuals is the culmination of a two-month-long investigation that initiated in the southern part of the United States and was tracked into New Jersey.

Of the arrests made, a press release made by the Prosecutor’s Office in Atlantic County late Saturday highlighted that the suspected ringleader of the criminal gang, a 39-year-old Egg Harbor City man, alone faces 16 charges himself. He has been charged with not only spearheading a network of drug traffickers, but with conspiracy for his role in attempting to distribute illicit drugs as well.

As for the other defendants arrested, they were charged with a number of other crimes including illegal possession of handguns, the illegal transportation of firearms, conspiring to possess firearms and various drug related charges. Of those arrested, they are both males and females ranging from 18-years-old to 40-years-old. Most are from New Jersey while some are also from Georgia.

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