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Aggressive Defense In Theft Crime Cases

Burglary, theft or robbery charges can dramatically impact your immediate future. Authorities in the Atlantic City area of New Jersey take these crimes very seriously and may aggressively prosecute your case seeking jail time and expensive fines. They often treat people in this situation as hardened criminals, even though the law says you are innocent until proven guilty.

At the Law Offices of Michael H. Schreiber, we treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. With decades of legal experience, we strategically defend your rights while zealously protecting your freedom.

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How Severe Are The Charges You Face?

The severity of the charges filed against you — including the maximum penalties — depends on the specific factors in your case. With theft, the more valuable the stolen property, the harsher the penalties, generally. In burglary and robbery, other factors may increase the level of the charges against you.

Lawyer Michael Schreiber has more than 38 years of legal experience. He will use his knowledge and skills to build a strong defense on your behalf whether you are facing first-degree charges or a disorderly person's offenses.

Seeking Alternatives To Jail Or Prison

While prosecutors like to pretend that criminal cases are straightforward and grounded in malice, we know that is not always true. Oftentimes crimes are committed because of underlying issues such as drug addiction or mental illness. Attorney Michael Schreiber believes that putting someone who has an addiction in prison is a waste of the tax payers' money. Instead, he believes that treatment is the best approach.

If you suffer from addiction, we will do everything in our power to seek an alternative resolution to your case, including drug court and mental health court. By building a case that shows how you — and society — would benefit more from treatment rather than traditional penalties, it may be possible to avoid jail time.

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