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Attorney Michael H. Schreiber leverages his nearly 40 years of experience to fight for clients facing challenging criminal, family law or estate matters.

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Attorney Michael Schreiber is committed to defending and protecting those who need it most. His dedication to serving those in need has been present in his career and personal life, from winning multiple murder trials to receiving a Carnegie Medal for saving lives.

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Serving Individuals And Families In The Atlantic City Area And All Of South Jersey

Certified Criminal
Trial Attorney Providing A Strong Defense

Being charged with a crime is frightening. Your future is on the line, and this must be taken very seriously.

Mr. Schreiber has more than 38 years of experience and has taken more than 100 cases to trial, including 13 homicide cases. He has a talent for thinking on his feet in high-pressure situations – including in front of a judge or jury – which allows him to constantly adapt to your needs and the demands of your situation. Notably, Mr. Schreiber is a certified criminal trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Trustworthy Guidance Through
Divorce And Other Family Law Matters

When it comes to divorce, Mr. Schreiber provides legal guidance grounded in reality. Above anything else, he is honest with his family law clients about what they can expect from their cases.

His experience in criminal law provides him with a unique perspective on family law matters. Mr. Schreiber stays in close communication with clients throughout the duration of their cases so they always understand what is happening. While many divorce and related legal matters can be amicably resolved through negotiations, when litigation is necessary, Mr. Schreiber fights hard to protect the best interests of his clients and achieve a favorable resolution on their behalves.

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Clients Have Said

“I have been represented by an attorney three times in my life, Michael has been by far the best. Several times he suggested I do certain things to save money, things that his staff could have done but he cared about my financial burden. He is professional, intelligent and hard working.”
– Peter, February 2018
“I had an extremely good experience with this man. He is very straightforward and to the point. I was referred to him by an acquaintance. I ended up firing a lawyer I had and hired Mr. Schreiber. My previous attorney did not want to fight for me whatsoever and I was told that I was going to get prison time. Mr. Schreiber got me probation and the correct charges for what happened. I would highly recommend him.”
– Anthony T., January 2018
“Great job in getting my case rightfully dismissed. Thank you very much!”
– K.S., March 2018/b>

Court Cases

Handling Other
Important Legal Matters

In addition to divorce and criminal defense, Mr. Schreiber handles other legal issues, such as:

Estate Matters and Probate

Estate matters and probate, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and estate litigation

Real Estate Law

Real estate law, including zoning issues

Personal Injury

Personal injury, including motor vehicle accidents and animal bites

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders

Bail Issues

Bail issues

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Michael H. Schreiber

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