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What does it mean if I have joint legal custody?

When a parent has full or joint "physical child custody," the term refers to whom the child is living with. As for "legal child custody," this term refers to whether a parent has the legal authority to make decisions for his or her child.

As these are two different categories of child custody, a parent might have joint legal custody with no physical custody. A parent in this circumstance would probably have visitation rights to his or her child. Meanwhile, some parents might share both types of custody 50-50.

Mediation may benefit couples during divorce

The process of a marital split-up in New Jersey can be harsh due to the mental, emotional and financial toll it can take on both parties. However, making matters even worse is if the couple has to go through a bitter, drawn-out battle at trial. An alternative to going through divorce litigation is to embrace divorce mediation.

With mediation, two spouses who would like to divorce have meetings with a third party neutral, who serves as their mediator. The two spouses will talk about how to handle a variety of divorce matters, such as the distribution of assets and who should get custody of the children. A mediator's goal is to arrive at a solution that pleases both sides.

Separation precedes divorce

Ending a marriage can be both emotionally and financially challenging. This is just as true for those who have been married a few years as it is for those who have been married a few decades. One question that often arises when two spouses are interested in separating before finally getting a divorce in New Jersey is whether they have to file for separation.

Separation is a process where a married couple starts to live separately, with at least one of them intending to stay separate from the other party. With this arrangement, a couple cannot decide to stay in the same residence but simply live in separate areas of the home. Rather, they must have their own separate residences.

Record New Jersey fentanyl seizure

Fentanyl is a powerful pain medication with a quick onset and short duration. It is said to be 50 times stronger than heroin and is often prescribed by doctors to alleviate pain in cancer patients. Of course, we all know that the drug has migrated from the world of medicine and is now manufactured illicitly and sold illegally.

Law enforcement officials recently announced a record haul of fentanyl in a bust about a two-hour drive north of Atlantic City. New Jersey State Police said they seized nearly 100 pounds of the opioid in North Bergen, where four men have been charged with drug distribution crimes.

Thought-out financial moves can make a difference in divorce

The process of getting divorced is generally not an easy one, for both emotional and financial reasons. Even a relatively amicable divorce proceeding can take its toll on the parties involved. A couple of tips may help those navigating this type of family law proceeding in New Jersey.

First, keeping the house rather than liquid assets could be a major mistake during a divorce proceeding. After all, a house can be expensive to keep up as a single individual who has just gotten divorced. Liquid assets, such as those in a brokerage account or retirement account, may be a more solid bet. They clearly cost a lot less to maintain.

Child custody can be complex emotionally and legally

Coming to terms with a divorce can be both emotionally and financially challenging. However, having children involved in the marital split-up can make matters even more complicated. Child custody remains one of the biggest sticking points during divorce proceedings in New Jersey.

For many parents who are going through divorce, imagining not being able to see their children anytime they want to can be challenging. However, just because a marital split-up is happening does not mean your and your child's relationship is over. It is possible to come up with a custody agreement where you and your child can continue to develop a special relationship.

29 arrested in New Jersey could use strong criminal defense

An increase in shootings throughout multiple towns in New Jersey recently led to a large gang, heroin and cocaine bust. Authorities said the bust dismantled a criminal enterprise in the state. A total of 29 people have been taken into custody and will most likely need a strong criminal defense to fight their charges.

The arrests, which involved Bloods street gang members who are part of what is called the G-Shine set, occurred as part of a police operation known as Operation Lights Out. This probe was launched earlier in the year. However, three individuals are reportedly still at large.

Violating your probation is easier than you think

If you were accused of a serious crime, you may have plead guilty just to reduce the potential sentence. First time offenders and other select offenders can often receive probation instead of jail, particularly if they have strong ties to the local community and the potential to make up for the offense.

Probation can feel like an act of mercy and a second chance. Compared to jail, it certainly is. However, probation is a constant state of purgatory, and the potential exists for you to still lose your freedom. Small mistakes can cost you a lot, and you need to be very careful that you are in constant compliance.

Divorce can be successful by following certain steps

The process of dissolving a marriage in New Jersey can be emotionally and financially unsettling. Unfortunately, sometimes divorce is inevitable. A few tips may help with tackling the issues that often spring up in divorce proceedings, such as asset division and child custody.

When it comes to asset division, knowing both one's assets and one's debts thoroughly is important. Gathering documents such as those related to IRAs, 401(k)s, W-2s, 1099s and pensions is critical, as is collecting financial statements that are sent at the end of each year. Running a credit report on both spouses can also be helpful for determining credit scores, which affect one's ability to borrow.

Strong criminal defense necessary in cases involving drug charges

Two men in New Jersey have been accused of committing drug crimes. Specifically, they face prescription painkiller and marijuana charges following a traffic stop. A strong criminal defense is important in cases involving drug charges, which can have serious consequences if they end up becoming convictions.

According to police, they saw a man approach a van's driver's side near a street and make a drug transaction at around 3:15 p.m. one day. The automobile then reportedly drove away, but police stopped it. Police said when they approached the car, they smelled marijuana.

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