Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug charges — even seemingly minor ones — can create serious problems in your life if they are not handled properly. At the Law Offices of Michael H. Schreiber, we know that some drug charges can seem unfair or not worth the state's time or money. While we are on your side, we also know that you need a strong advocate to guide you through the process and protect your future.

Attorney Michael Schreiber not only has more than three decades of experience, but is also a certified criminal trial attorney — something few criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey can say. He will aggressively protect and defend your freedom no matter what drug crime charges you are facing. We provide legal guidance to individuals in Atlantic City and the surrounding counties who have been charged with all types of drug charges, including:

  • Drug possession, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other drugs
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Prescription drug charges
  • Charges that fall under Brimage Guidelines

Finding The Right Defense For Your Drug Charges

The defense we construct for your case will depend on the facts of your situation. As we carefully review all aspects of your case, we will determine the right approach to minimize the potential consequences against you. Some things we will consider are:

  • Whether police had a warrant to search your home, vehicle or other property
  • Whether the search warrant was executed properly
  • Whether you were read your rights upon arrest

We will also consider other options to limit the penalties against you, including admittance to a treatment program for drug addiction instead of jail or prison time.

Aggressive Representation, Dedicated Advocacy

Lawyer Michael Schreiber has devoted much of his life to protecting those who need it most. As a student, he stood up to bullies, and in his adult life, he saved several individuals from drowning — an act for which he won a Carnegie Medal. Today, he focuses on protecting his clients through skilled legal advocacy. You can trust that he will dedicate himself to finding the right resolution for you.

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