Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

When you are charged with a crime, the criminal defense attorney you work with matters. He or she should not only have the experience and qualifications to guide you through the court system while protecting your rights, but should also show you compassion during this difficult and overwhelming time.

Lawyer Michael Schreiber has 33 years of experience handling challenging criminal cases that some other attorneys would rather not take on. He takes on almost any case that comes his way for two reasons: It keeps him sharp, and he believes strongly in fighting for those who need it most.

Michael Schreiber has tried seven murder cases in his years as a defense attorney, and he has never lost. He won't hesitate to go to bat for you.

Former Prosecutor, Experienced Trial Attorney

Michael Schreiber is among a small percentage of attorneys in New Jersey who are board-certified criminal trial lawyers, and this distinction is bolstered by his record of success. As a former prosecutor, he knows how the other side thinks and what tactics they commonly use. This perspective can be very advantageous to his clients.

Comprehensive Criminal Law Guidance

We serve clients in the Atlantic City area who are facing serious criminal charges, including:

Strong Understanding Of The Rules Of Evidence

Understanding the rules of evidence in criminal law may sound like a core requirement of being a defense lawyer — and it is. However, many attorneys learn the rules in their first year of law school and never take the time to revisit them. We know that the rules of evidence place a crucial role in our clients' cases. For that reason, Michael Schreiber has taken the time to stay current on these rules. His in-depth knowledge of this area is viewed favorably by judges, which can work to your benefit.

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